Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, Where to Watch?

Recently, the second episode of the new anime Aharen San Wa Hakarenai comes out. This Anime is based on the Teen Comedy genre. The anime is based on manga of the same name. Anime is mainly based on two characters Reina Aharen and Raidou Matsubashi. This has a rating of 7.65 in myanimelist and 8.5 on IMDb rating. In this article, you will find out Aharen San Wa Hakarenai episode 3 release date and time, a recap of episode 2, and where to watch the anime.


Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 (I’m kind Of Being Followed?) starts with Raidou in his classroom, Aharen comes in looking all beat up. And by looking at her Raidou thought she maybe bullied or beat somebody. But she looks bet up because she got something in her one eye and that messed up her depth perception. So, Raidou offers her eye drop and she tried to do it herself but could do it. So, Raidou helps her to get the eyedrop. However, Raidou thinks somebody is following him since yesterday. However, quickly he founds out Aharen’s old friend Ooshiro was following him. Later he finds out she was following him to protect her childhood friend Aharen. She follows her every time so that she doesn’t fall into any trouble.


The next day when Raidou enter his classroom he saw Aharen catches a cold and Aharen noticed Raidou’s pants zipper is open, she tried to tell him but couldn’t. So, she hides the fact from everyone in the school. Later when Raidou reached his home his younger sister told him about the zip of the pants and he released what Aharen trying to say to him.

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 2
Image: Aharen and Ooshiro

The next day Ooshiro notices that Raidou is absent and Aharen is still in class though school is over. She thought Aharen must have forgotten to bring an umbrella. However, later she finds out she has brought her umbrella and when they both head out for their home, there Aharen told Ooshiro that she knew Ooshiro follows her every day, and for that she thanks her for being protective.

Next-Day after school, Raidou noticed Ooshiro is quite discreet in her staking.

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Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 3 Release Date & Time

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 3 will release on 16 April 2022, at 3:15 AM JST in Japan. The title of episode 3 is “Isn’t This a Seat Change?” and in Japanese “席替えじゃね?”.

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 3 will release in other timezones:

  • 02.15 PM, ET, on 15th April 2022 in USA
  • 02.15 PM, EDT, on 15th April 2022 in Canada
  • 07.15 PM, BST, on 15th April 2022 in UK
  • 10.15 PM, GST, on 15th April 2022 in UAE
  • 11.45 PM, IST, on 15th April 2022 in India
  • 02.15 AM, SGT, on 16th April 2022 in Singapore
  • 05.15 AM, AEST, on 16th April 2022 in Australia

Where To Watch? You can watch every episode of the anime on the Animeism programming block on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS. And also you can watch episode 3 online on Crunchyroll



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