Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 4 Release Date, Recap, Where to Watch?

Recently, the third episode of Aharen San Wa Hakarenai comes out. This anime contains the Teen Comedy genre. The anime is about a small student with a quiet voice named Reina Aharen and her friend Raidou Matsubashi. The anime of rating 7.59 on MyAnimeList and 8.2 on IMDB. In this article, you will find out Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 4 released date, the episode 3 recap, and where to watch it.


Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3(“We’re Changing Seats, Huh?”) starts with Raidou seating in his homeroom thinking about his hair getting bigger. Meanwhile, Aharen comes in with hairs all stand up. Later, he finds out that she had a bad bedhead this morning, and she couldn’t able to fix it. Raidou told her she will fix it for her. However, he makes it worse. Later Ooshiro fixes Aharen’s hair. Later, Ooshiro also cut Raidou’s hair. In thanks. But. Later, Aharen told Raidou, that her hands and lips are all dried up. So, Raidou offers her lip balm. And Ooshiro takes care of it by giving her moisture and lip bam.


In the next class, Raidou thought something is bothering something Aharen again. Later he finds out, that the person sitting in front of her is quite tall so she couldn’t see the chalkboard. So, Raidou did many things so that she could see the chalkboard but everything he tried doesn’t work for her. So, the only option left for Aharen is to copy from Raidou’s notebook. Later, the teacher said that next week, seats will get rearranged. Raidou got happy as Aharen can see the chalkboard and also get sad as get less chance to talk to her.

Next, in P.E class Raidou’s for warm-up is Aharen. Next, when Aharen is batting, Raidou is the pitcher. However, She couldn’t hit a single ball.

Later, in the cooking class, Raidou and Aharen become partners again. Raidou doesn’t know anything about cooking and Aharen was too worn out from P.E class. Later She asked Raidou to capture a video of her dance. And, it was for dance class.

In the Next week, they end up sitting beside again.

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 3
Image: Aharen and Raidou in Episode 3

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Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 4 Release Date & Time

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 4 will get a release on 23 April 2022, at 3:15 AM JST in Japan. The title of episode 4 is “Isn’t This Too Addictive?” and in Japanese “ハマりすぎじゃね?”.

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 4 will release in other timezones:

  • 02.15 PM, ET, on 22nd April 2022 in USA
  • 02.15 PM, EDT, on 22nd April 2022 in Canada
  • 07.15 PM, BST, on 22nd April 2022 in UK
  • 10.15 PM, GST, on 22nd April 2022 in UAE
  • 11.45 PM, IST, on 22nd April 2022 in India
  • 02.15 AM, SGT, on 23rd April 2022 in Singapore
  • 05.15 AM, AEST, on 23rd April 2022 in Australia

Where to watch? You can watch every episode on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS. And also you can watch online on Crunchyroll.



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