Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition Announced with New Trailer

Berserk is an anime series that has been going on since 2016. The anime is an adaptation of the manga by the same name. Kentaro Miura writes the manga as it is placed in a fictional world. Gut is a magic swordsman and he goes on quests to defeat the people who cursed him and his lover. He is facing many perils and problems throughout the journey. Gut is fighting toward defeating all the apostles of God’s hand so that he can free himself and the others from the curse. The anime is showing a genre of dark fantasy and fiction, which are assimilated very well. Recently Berserk is on the news as a new Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition trailer arrived online.


Berserk Updates 

The fandom is waiting for a long time for the release of new information on the topic. The manga shared the news that it will continue. And now, the franchise has announced a new movie for the anime as well. The movie trilogy. As Miura is not here anymore, Kouji Mori is continuing his legacy and writing further manga releases. The original movie Berserk: Golden Age Arc was released in 2012 and 2013. 

Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition
Image: Berserk: Golden Age Arc (From: YouTube)

The publishing house, giving the notice about the return of the manga, is also sharing a promotional video for the movie Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition. AniTV releases the video amidst much wait in the fandom for new content related to the anime. The broadcast for the re-edited work is in 2022 and they have not given a release date for the same yet.

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Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition Trailer

Yatu Saru is directing the new edition of the Berserk movie Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition and the studio 4*C is helping him with it. The studio is the same which was responsible for the original movie release too. Susumu Hirasawa is singing the theme song. The name of the theme song is Aria. The teaser trailer is only 46 seconds long and is showing glimpses of the anime movie. 

The Beginning After the End

The trailer of Berserk: The Golden age Memorial Edition starts by showing information about the previous movie and how famous it is. The scene starts with war. People rushed towards the wall. The soldiers are fighting each other. The attacking team is using all methods and trying to infiltrate the castle. There are soldiers on ladders and others carrying carts who are trying to get in. The guards on top of the tower are defending and pushing away and attacking everyone who is successful in climbing that far. Fire arrows are flying through the air, trying to stop the invaders from coming any further. Everyone is motivated and fighting with all that they have.


One of the invaders gets in and fights everyone on his own. He is rushing in with no mercy and slashing everyone who is there in his way. The fight on the battlefield is also full of strength and power. Armors are breaking, weapons hitting against each other and destroyed. There are many familiar faces. Griffith removes his helmet and is showing his face by the end of the anime. 


The trailer ends with the rolling credits and the declaration of the memorial movie announcement. They are showing the new poster for the movie as well and the poster in itself is telling us who the main characters in the movie are going to be.

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