Boruto Chapter 71 Spoilers Spreading Online Teasing Code vs Daemon Showdown

Boruto is a Naruto Next Generation story. It continues the story of Naruto. Boruto is Naruto’s son and he is the main character. He goes around helping as many people as he can and his friends accompany him. The chapters for all other manga fans release weekly but Boruto only releases them once every month. On top of that, the Boruto manga is taking a break in the month of July. The wait will be longer for the fans this time. Boruto Chapter 71 is coming soon so spoilers and speculations are spreading all over the internet.


Boruto Chapter 71 Release Date 

Chapter 71 which was going to be released has been leaked and rumors about the content are going around everywhere. The chapter is going to be released worldwide on June 20th but talk about the main theme is already out. The timings for the release are

  • Pacific Standard Time: 9 AM on June 20th
  • Central Standard Time: 11 AM on June 20th
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on June 20th
  • British Time: 5 PM on June 20th 

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Boruto Chapter 71 Spoilers 

The Organic Dragon releases spoilers of Chapter 71 on its tweet today and it causes an uprising among the fandom. 

Daemon vs Code 

Daemon is taunting Code. He is trying to instigate him and get him to fight. He says that Code is so strong that he can defeat everyone including the Hokage and Sasuke. Daemon also compares him to Jigen, saying that he is stronger. He is actually trying to show him up and show who is the boss. Daemon is 1 and he says it does not matter who is in the second and third-ranking. He can take them on easily.

Boruto Chapter 71 Spoilers

After the conversation ends, Code goes to talk to Ada. He confesses that he likes her once again and she rejects him like before. He tries to argue with her, saying that he is the ‘Knight’ she is looking for. After this, he is a little frustrated. He goes and Daemon and Code start to fight. In between the fight, Bug shouts that all Daemon needs is to touch the opponent with his palm to win. Code, being overconfident, goes against him in full power. 

Even though Code still has his limiters deactivated, he cannot put up a fight against Daemon. The fight is not even fair, let alone on equal footing. He gets injured during the fight and so he steps away from the battle. He uses one of his Claw marks and takes Bug with him and escapes. Amado and Ada are left there, with Daemon. 

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The Secret Goal 

He does not retreat before he shouts out his final words of revenge. Code challenges Ada that once he becomes an Otsutski, he can defeat him. He says that he will not come under the control of his ‘ability’ then and can easily take him on. Saying this he leaves thinking that it will be the time when he decides whether to kill her or love her. After he leaves Amado comforts Ada. He also tells her his secret work and how he can control Kawaki’s shutting down. 


Amado starts to reveal his true goals and says he will need Kawaki’s Karma. That is why he is going through so much hardship to maintain his switch which controls Kawak. He goes on to talk a little more about it and then mentions Konoha. Amado wants to show her practically what he is working on. Even by the end, he does not reveal the secret goal he is working towards, 


Ada is still stuck up on Kawaki and he reveals that Shikamaru had made a proposition for the same. He gave them a way, a method to slowly get closer to Kawaki. He even offered to be the mediator for the same. 

By the end, Code is mumbling Kawaki’s name while saying that it is all his fault. He is totally blaming Kawaki for everything. He is angry and envious of Kawaki. Code starts emoting and threatens everyone who he thinks has wronged him. He wants to take revenge on everyone in Konoha and destroy them with his own hands.

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