Boruto Episode 254 Release Date: The Spiral of Revenge

Boruto Episode 254 is at a crucial point in the war between the Hidden Mist and the Funato Clan. Boruto is trying his best to make peace happen because he does not want to see his friends get hurt. He tries to negotiate with Ikada and make him see sense. Neither side is ready to back down now because their pride and revenge are at stake. The Mizukage gives Boruto just some time to see if he can make a miracle happen, but even he is not ready to wave the white flag. With all that’s happening, the final fate of peace or an all-out war rests on Boruto’s shoulders. Will he be successful in his peace negotiations? Let’s look at a recap of Boruto Episode 253 and the release date and time for Episode 254.

Boruto is an anime that is a successor of the anime Naruto and follows similar themes. Boruto is trying to do what his father used to and maintain peace between the shinobis. He also wants to get rid of all evil and help anyone who is in need. Along with his team, he tries his best to fulfill his father’s and his own destiny while he goes around the world. He does not see who it is and helps without discriminating, just like his father. 


Boruto Episode 253 Recap

Episode 253: Boruto somehow convinces Chozuro to give him just a little time to talk to Ikada and he agrees. He takes a ship and sails to where Ikada is. Is Ikada going to listen to what he has to say or will he be attacked without even getting a chance to negotiate? Here’s what happened in Episode 253.


Formation Go! 

Ikada is ready with his crew on alert to attack at his command. The Mizukage is also totally ready to take on any attack the Funatos have planned. Ikada suddenly sees that Boruto is coming his way but he isn’t too happy about it. Boruto comes up fully determined and tries to talk to Ikada. He tries to reason with Ikada’s emotional side by showing him Kajiki’s ship. But Ikada just destroys it using his new powers. Mitsuki saves them at the last moment from falling into the water. Boruto climbs up and tries to reason with Ikada but he is not ready to listen. He laughs at Boruto’s suggestion and tells him they won’t trust the Mizukage. 

Chojuro is silently sitting and watching because they have not reached the time limit that they promised. Ikada is changed and he wants revenge for the death of his sister. He is not ready to listen to reason. He tells him that the reason he has awakened is that he can now see that reasoning is not possible, so war is the only way.

Boruto Episode 253

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Sneaky Tactics

The Fnunato clan was distracting them from their weapon so that it could charge. Now that it is ready and in range, they plan on attacking with all they have. The Chakra Canon is almost done charging and they board it and move towards the village they want to destroy. Boruto is not ready to give up on Ikada and tries to talk him out of it. He does not retaliate even if Ikada hits him. Ikada is not ready to give up on his revenge. He makes a counter-proposal that if he brings him the Mizukage’s head, he will stop the war. But Boruto tells him that he cannot do that but offers his own life instead. 

Boruto Episode 253

Boruto Episode 254 Release Date and Time 

Boruto Episode 254 will be released at 6 pm JST on June 19th, 2022 in Japan. The title of episode 254 is “The Spiral of Revenge” in Japanese “復讐の渦”.

Boruto Episode 254 will release in other timezones:

  • 05.00 AM, ET, on 19th June 2022 in the USA
  • 05.00 AM, EDT, on 19th June 2022 in Canada
  • 10.00 AM, BST, on 19th June 2022 in the UK
  • 01.00 PM, GST, on 19th June 2022 in UAE
  • 02.30 PM, IST, on 19th June 2022 in India
  • 05.00 PM, SGT, on 19th June 2022 in Singapore
  • 07.00 PM, AEST, on 19th June 2022 in Australia

Where to Watch? Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ episodes including Boruto episode 254 are available to watch online on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Also, if you are in Japan then TV Tokyo TV channel streams Boruto episodes, they have had the streaming rights to Boruto since 2017.


Boruto Episode 254 Countdown


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