Healer Girl Episode 12 Recap, Overview

Healer Girl Episode 12 is taking us one step further into the dreams of the girls to become a healer. They apply for the exam which will make them C-Rank healers. They have pre-exam jitters and so, they all go to the city for a change of pace and to train. All of them find out that the problem is that they are jealous of each other and that if they give up that emotion, all of them can perform better. The girls appreciate each other which boosts their morale and all of them are back to being good team members. The exam goes smoothly and the judges are smiling. What happens next? Here is a recap of Healer Girl Episode 12.


Healer Girl Overview

Now that the girls are all C-Rank healers, they will have more adventures. They will help out better with the people. The girls are working hard towards helping everyone that they can with their voices. They accomplish their dreams of using their singing for healing.

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Healer Girl Episode 12 Recap

The girls all take the examination to become C-Rank healers. They are all very nervous before the exams so they train. Their training pays off and they are ready for the exam. All of them sing in the exam with all they have and come out happy with what they sang. What is the result?

Healer Girl Episode 12

Music Trip

Kana is in the USA. She is waiting at the airport to be picked up when someone scares her from the back. Kana shouts but stops after realizing it is someone she knows. She is in the USA for her internship and she is very excited. Abby is Kana’s guide in the US. Reimi is going to intern with her teacher’s teacher. All of them clear the exam and are now C-Rank healers. They are doing their internship before they can start practicing. Sonia is trying to scare Reimi but she is failing badly because  Reimi is very motivated to learn. Hibiki is interning at the university and even she is greeted with happy faces. 

Kana is surprised when she sees the American clinic and cannot believe how bustling it is. She tries to help out as much as she can, she tries to calm a patient down. Hibiki and Reimi are enjoying their day off. Kana gets a job offer but she turns it down. All of them keep working hard at their respective internships. All of them successfully complete their internship and are back. 

Healer Girl Episode 12

Back Home, Work Harder 

Kana is flying back home and when no one hears from her that day they all get worried. They try contacting her again and again but they cannot. She is held back for some reason and promises to contact me as soon as possible. The two of them are flying to meet Kana because she can’t be there herself. She tells them that she stayed back to help with an emergency. All of them leave for Japan together then. They are helping with a panic attack on the plane. The girl gets better. After returning, they are attending their investiture for the C-Rank exam. 

Where to Watch Healer Girl Episode 12? 

Watch every episode of the anime Healer Girl including Healer Girl episode 12 on Crunchyroll or any other paid anime streaming service. Healer Girl anime mainly premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11. The episodes release every Monday.

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