Healer Girl Episode 12 Release Date, Time, Recap, Where to Watch?

Healer Girl Episode 12 will take us to the test arc. The hard work that the girls have put up till now is finally paying off. They have been recommended for the C-Rank healer examination. By writing the examination they actually take the first step towards achieving their dream. Up until now they only helped out the people by assisting the doctors. After getting their license they will help even more. The girls are all ready to give their examination. In this article, you are going to know about Healer Girl Episode 11 Recap and the release date and time for Episode 12.

Healer Girl is a music anime that is about girls who help others with their music. The girls are working towards becoming healers. They are helping and still want to help others with their music. Music heals and this anime is taking that concept to the next level. Their singing is bringing peace and tranquility to everyone and heals them from the inside. 


Healer Girl Episode 11 Recap

The previous episode ended with them hinting at an examination that the girls will take. All of them are really excited and ready to give the C-Rank healer exam. They are putting in their all and are ready to face the examination. With the intention of helping everyone they see is hurt, the girls get ready to face the challenge of the test.


Full Motivation!


Kana, Reimi, and Hibiki are all pumped up for the upcoming C-Rank examination. They are studying in the library while talking about what they want to do in the future. The girls are preparing and getting ready when they realize that they can fail. They are not able to perform the song that they were able to perform just recently. All of them have finally become self-aware of their surroundings and because of this, they are being brought down. They are asking their teacher for guidance as to what they can do. 

Healer Girl Episode 12

Training Camp

The mistress suggests that they go to a training camp. And the girls follow their teacher’s advice. Before their training starts, all of them are exploring the city near the camp, trying to find inspiration for their singing. All of them go to an art museum and then go to eat. After that, they try different activities and all of them are interested and participating. The next day as well, they do some yoga and go bungee jumping. 

Kana figures out that all the fun they are having is actually training. It is to make their healer image more refined. They are trying their hardest to get done by test day. They are slowly understanding their own shortcomings and trying to deal with them. Kana is very low on confidence and keeps telling the other two to take the test on their own but they will never abandon her. They start fighting with each other over the insecurities they have. But in the end, they make up. They leave the jealousy they hold in their heart and go on ahead. 


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The Day 

The test day finally comes up and all of them perform amazingly. The judges sit and listen, enthralled by the amazing music. The music soothes the soul and lets everyone fly! What is the result? 

Healer Girl Episode 12

Healer Girl Episode 12 Release Date and Time

Healer Girl Episode 12 will be released on 20th June 2022 at 11.30 pm JST in Japan. The title of episode 12 is “We’re C-Rank Healers!” and the title in Japanese is “私たち、C級ヒーラーです!”.

Healer Girl Episode 12 will release in other timezones:

  • 10.30 AM, ET, on 20th June 2022 in the USA
  • 10.30 AM, EDT, on 20th June 2022 in Canada
  • 03.30 PM, BST, on 20th June 2022 in the UK
  • 06.30 PM, GST, on 20th June 2022 in UAE
  • 08.00 PM, IST, on 20th June 2022 in India
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  • 10.30 PM, SGT, on 20th June 2022 in Singapore
  • 01.30 AM, AEST, on 21st June 2022 in Australia

Where to Watch? Watch every episode of the anime Healer Girl including Healer Girl episode 12 on Crunchyroll or any other paid anime streaming service. Healer Girl anime mainly premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11. The episodes release every Monday.

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