Hybrid Form of Kaido: How Powerful is He? Can Zoro and Luffy Beat Him?

Kaido goes by the name Kaido of the beast and others call him the world’s strongest creature. He is one of the four emperors of the sea. His lust for power made him start researching artificial forms of creating devil fruits. This leads him to be known as a more formidable enemy to the rest. The general of the beast pirates, he eats the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. It is a mythical zoan-type devil fruit. He eats it and the fruit grants him the ability to transform into an Azure Dragon at will. 

The recent controversy revolves around the overpowering strength of this devil fruit and the indestructible ability that it holds. The reason Kaido rose to the top is not only thanks to his strength. He also has good defensive abilities, which allows him to come out victorious in all his battles. Mostly the zoan-type devil fruit holders are able to use a hybrid form. The hybrid form allows them to create a mix of both their regular and evolved forms. 


Kaido’s Hybrid Form


Kaido reveals his awakened form in the recent episode

. This form allows him to use the power of his devil fruit as he wishes. He does not need to transform each time. It gives him more strength. And unlike other Zoan types who get tired if they switch to their form, he does not get tired. So, Kaido’s awakened form is now his most optimal offensive and defensive powers combined. Here’s what we know about Kaido’s hybrid form until now. The hybrid awakened form allows Kaido to maintain his humongous human form. His facial features change, which is a sign of hybrid form; he retains his eyes but his horns and fangs grow longer.

He also gets the impenetrable scales he has on his back when he transforms all of his body. Kaido’s defense rises because of this. His muscle size also increases and from that he gets stronger and attacks faster. He turns into the hybrid form because then, he will not use up as much energy and he will also become faster.

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Kaido v/s Luffy and Zoro

Kaido is a strong opponent. But nothing except Enma can put a scratch on him. Zoro is slowly learning how to use Enma, the new sword he got, in a better manner. If Zoro finishes mastering the sword before Kaido fully gets used to his hybrid form, there is a chance. Zoro is strong and he has used Enma once already and hurt Kaido with his moves. 


Except for the twin swords, nothing harms Kaido. But Luffy attacks him with all he got and his special Haki. with that, he injures Kaido too. Luffy is learning a new form while he is constantly fighting with Kaido. The form Luffy uses is hurting Kaido, unlike all other attacks. he puts up his defense but is not able to defend against Luffy’s barrage of attacks. So, in the end, the winner and loser will be decided if Zoro and Luffy learn their ultimate move as soon as possible. Zoro and Luffy working together at their best can defeat Kaido.

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