Misaki Kuno Is Now Cast of Aharen- san wa Hakarenai Anime as Ren Aharen

Recently there is a recent growth in the anime series Aharen-san wa Hakarenai. There is news that Misaki Kuno is now joining the series. Besides she is going to give the voice of Rena Aharen. The show is a romantic comedy and it is streaming on the Crunchyroll. Misaki Kuno is a popular voice actor who has given voice to numerous characters.


Announcement of Misaki Kuno entering the show

The anime Aharen-a way Hawakenai is about the story of Reina Aharen and her co-student Raidou. Now Misaki is joining the anime for the character of Ren Aharen. Of course, as expected there is ongoing buzz after this announcement. Besides the character, she is doing is the brother of Reina Aharen.

About the show Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Recently we witness an awesome manga series Aharen-san wa Hakarenai. Besides Asato Mizu is behind the masterpiece illustration of this manga series. The show further involves hilarious comedies with engaging plots. It’s a story that revolved around the two classmates namely Reina Aharen and Raidou. Moreover, the plot is focusing on the odd friendship between the two classmates.


In the show, one of the main characters is Reina Aharen who is a very polite girl. But the girl has a problem gauging the personal distance one should maintain with others. Therefore she finds it way difficult to approach someone for a communication. Besides Raidou was from the same high school and wants to befriend other classmates.

Further, he encounters Reina who was seemingly cute and soft-spoken. Moreover, they used to sit next to each other in the school. But as Reina cannot determine the personal space, the duo finds it harder to even communicate.

Misaki Kuno
Image: Misaki Kuno

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Story of Odd friendship

As aforesaid, there used to be awkwardness between Reina and Raidou. Although Reina wants to befriend Raidou due to her problem she was feeling awkward. Besides she sometimes acts timid as she can figure out how to approach another person. Thus the two classmates find it difficult to even talk with each other. And one fine day, Reina will drop her eraser that will be pickup by his classmate Raidou.

Due to this situation, they started feeling that their distance became rather uncomfortably close. Despite the problems coming their way, Raidou will try his best to befriend Reina. Therefore the show involves the tale of an odd friendship between two high school classmates. Although Reina is indecipherable, the highly imaginative Raidou will try to befriend her by facing all the challenges.

Reina Aharen is a cute girl who has a short height. Although she is soft-spoken she finds it hard to get into communication. Besides Inori Minase is a voice artist behind this character. In this show, you will explore the problem of the indecipherable character of Reina. Moreover, there is another prominent character Raidou in the series. The voice behind his character is Takuma Terashima.

The show will unfold the bond between the two high school classmates. Reina is having indecipherable nature, yet Raidou will try to understand her and make a bond. Thus this kind boy will try to overcome these antics and get befriend her cute and polite classmate. Recently there is news surfacing that Misaki Kuno will be the news voice artist for Reina’s brother role.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai – Official Trailer

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