My Dress-Up Darling Episode 10 Release Date, Recap, Where to Watch Online?

One of the most popular anime series is My Dress-Up Darling, The Bisque Doll that Fell In Love. This series was popular for many reasons. Sajuna and Marin explained their reasons for cosplaying during the summer, and Marin wanted to take Gojo somewhere new. The boy she loved would be able to spend the summer with her, regardless of how embarrassed she was. The next set of episodes should prove to be interesting. During the upcoming episodes of My Dress-Up Darling, Gojo and Marin will certainly discuss their relationship while preparing for the upcoming photoshoot between Sajuna and Marin. Let’s check out the recap of the show and when Dress-Up Darling episode 10 will release? and where to watch it online?


My Dress-Up Darling Episode 8 Recap

Shinju, one of Juju’s sisters, is the younger sister of Kitagawa and Gojo. When people compliment her on her social media accounts, she enjoys it. She says she loves her sister so much and is thankful her account was successful.

She then explains the benefits of taking photos with a professional camera and shows off the camera she uses to take Juju’s photos. Various features and filters excite Kitagawa about the DSLR.

Then Kitagawa asks Shinju if she wants to be in cosplaying, and Shinju replies that she is only interested in taking pictures of her sister, not dressing up herself.


In a disused hospital, the studio is open to everyone. Shinju and Kitagawa enter the hospital, but Juju refuses to enter because it looks scary. Shinju and Kitagawa describe how the camera is in use and how it works. Juju seems fearful as Gojo observes it.

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 8

To take good photos of Juju’s cosplay, she must explore the entire location. Gojo replies that he wants to become a Hina Doll artist, and Juju asks him what he wants to do in the future. “I want to be the magic girl I saw on TV,” she replies.

Even though her first cosplay was awful, Juju is still happy about it. She dreams to become a cosplayer, which can only happen through cosplaying. Her cosplay dress suit is up of him, making Gojo wonder why. She says she fell in love with Kitagawa’s dress when she saw it.

Gojo remembers his grandfather telling him that he wanted people to love his Hina dolls as a child. He holds her hand while she is in tears and thanks her for making him her choice. They go to the beach after passing their exams.

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My Dress-Up Darling Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of My Dress-Up Darling was released on March 6, 2022.

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 10 Release Date & Time

My Dress-Up Episode 10 Darling will air on March 13, 2022, at 1.30 AM in Tokyo. Earlier episodes of the series have been according to this schedule.


Here are the international times for the release of the episode:

  • 12:30 PM EDT on March 12 in USA
  • 12:30 PM EDT on March 12 in Canada
  • 05:30 PM BST on March 12 in UK
  • 08:30 PM GST on March 12 in UAE
  • 10:30 PM IST on March 12 in India
  • 00:30 AM SGT on March 12 in Singapore
  • 02:30 AM AEST on March 12 in Australia

Where to Watch Dress-Up Darling Episode 10 Online?

This episode is on Tokyo MX in Japan. Crunchyroll will have the next episode. To view the episodes the day after they are released, you must purchase them. However, you can view them for free one week after they are released.

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