One Piece Episode 1022 Release Date, Time, Recap, Where to Watch?

One Piece Episode 1022 is finally gonna start the serious battle arc where the main figures fight against each other. Up until now, everything was very indecisive and both teams were more or less neutral. But with Kaido showing his new powers, there is no telling what will happen. The Straw Hat Pirate Alliance is slowly pushing back the Beast Pirates alliance’s forces but the main battle happening upstairs has a different result altogether. Although Kaido is a little hurt, Luffy’s side is also tired and more hurt than theirs and some of them are injured badly. What will happen next, will Luffy and the rest be obliterated? Here is a recap of One Piece Episode 1021 and the release date and time for Episode 1022.

One Piece is a long-running anime that is about pirates looking for lost treasure. It perfectly blends action and adventure. The main focus is on Luffy and his crew. He likes going around and helping people even though he is a pirate and all he ever wants is to become the Pirate King. He does not mean any harm to anyone except those who hurt his friends.

One Piece Episode 1022

One Piece Episode 1021 Recap

Episode 1021: Luffy and the rest who were fighting against the Emperors are temporarily down. Everyone is injured and Kaido still has a trump card up his sleeves. All the other battles going on in different places are also reaching their conclusions with most of the wins going to Luffy’s crew. Will this help shift the tide of the battle towards the Straw Hat’s side?


Robin! HELP!

Sanji calls Robin for help because he is caught and does not want to lift his hand against a woman. Robin hearing his voice comes to his rescue. She attacks Black Maria and she’s sent flying through the room. Robin shows her true powers. Brook comes with her and helps release Sanji from his bounds. He freezes and breaks everything with his powers. Sanji leaves because he knows he cannot be of help there. Robin holds down Black Maria. She understood that Sanji did not sell her out but gave her an opportunity to prove herself. 

One Piece Episode 1021

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Surveillance Secrecy

The surveillance from Beast Pirates is caught by Yamato. They are called Marys and they tell everyone about Momonosuke’s position. They are now surrounded by enemies. On another side of the battlefield, Carrot is not giving up against candyman and goes full power against him. As she is going to give her final blow, the moon vanishes. Yamato fights her way out while hiding Momonosuke in her dress. Candyman defeats Carrot as well. 

Kaido finally reveals his trump card, his hybrid form. Kaido’s new form is fully strong on defense and none of the attacks go through. Black Maria also reveals her true form and intentions. 

One Piece Episode 1021

One Piece Episode 1022 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 1022 will be released at 11 am JST on 19th June 2022 in Japan. The title of episode 1022 is “No Regrets! Luffy and Boss, a Master-Disciple Bond!” in Japanese “悔いなし ルフィと親分師弟の絆”.

One Piece Episode 1022 will release in other timezones:

  • 10.00 PM, ET, on 18th June 2022 in the USA
  • 10.00 PM, EDT, on 18th June 2022 in Canada
  • 03.00 AM, BST, on 19th June 2022 in the UK
  • 06.00 AM, GST, on 19th June 2022 in UAE
  • 07.30 AM, IST, on 19th June 2022 in India
  • 10.00 AM, SGT, on 19th June 2022 in Singapore
  • 01.00 PM, AEST, on 19th June 2022 in Australia

Where to Watch? One Piece is one of the most popular anime and has the most amount of episodes. You can watch online all the episodes including One Piece Episode 1022 on the following platforms-


One Piece Episode 1022 Countdown


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