Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 Release Date, Time, Recap, Where to Watch?

Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 is gonna dive into the Pokemon World Championships Masterclass tournaments. It is the final bout and Ash is as ready as he can be. All the other participants are also fired up and ready to do whatever they have to to win and reach the finals. The first-round matchups are going to be announced and we will find out who Ash’s first opponent will be. There are many other interesting battles that are going to happen. The final matches will keep all of us on our toes. Here is the recap of the anime Pokemon 2019 Episode 115 and the release date and time for Episode 116. 


Pokemon 2019 Episode 116: What to Expect?

In Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 The masterclass tournament matches will continue in full heat and the stadium will just get louder. The second match of the masterclass tournament will happen, Lance v/s Diantha. Who is going to win?

Pokemon 2019 Episode 115 Recap

Ash is in the top 8 of the world masters tournament and he is super ready to battle. The rest of the participants are also in it to win it. The coming battles will decide what happens next. The match is going to be between the Kanto and Johto champion and the Kalos champion and who knows what will happen. 

Heat! The Entrance Ceremony

Pokemon 2019 Episode 116

The announcement for the world championships is going to happen. The Rotoms are going around advertising it to the world. The citizens were ready to go watch the tournament. Hop, Leon’s brother, challenges Ash and he accepts. But Ash defeats Hop in a single move and they go in. Ash meets Iris and both of them run to the participant’s room. Looks like they are the only childish people there. The masterclass opening ceremony begins and everyone in the top 8 is introduced one by one. Ash is number 8, Iris is number 7,  Alain is 6th, 5th is Diantha, 4th is Lance, Steven is third, Cynthia is second and Leon is the reigning champion. 


The matchups are also decided. For the first round, Alain will battle Leon. Lance will battle Diantha. Iris will battle Cynthia and Ash will take on Steven. The first match of the first round is going to begin. Ash goes to the stadium because he wants to watch the match while sitting with the crowd to cheer for everyone. 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 116

Leon v/s Alain

Leon v/s Alain

The first match is decided, it will be 3v3 and each side can substitute their Pokemon whenever they want. Leon sends out Rillaboom and Alain sends out Chesnaught. It is a grass-type battle royale. Chesnaught charges in but Rillaboom defends strongly. Leon starts off the match by Dynamaxing Gorillander. The Kyodaimaxed pokemon attacks but Alain is ready for it and comes up with his own strategy.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 116

But in the end, Rillaboom wins. Alain chooses Charizard and it finishes the opponent as soon as it comes onto the stage. It is now a battle of Charizards but after a move, Alain calls back his Charizard and sends out Malamar. But Leon’s Charizard lays waste to it in just 2 moves and Alain sends back Charizard. Alain mega evolve to fight with all he has got. A fierce battle goes on but in the end, Leon wins.

Leon v/s Alain

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 Release Date and Time 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 will be released on 8th July 2022 at 6.55 pm JST in Japan. The title of the episode is “The Champians’ Pride! Wataru VS Carne!!” and the title in Japanese is “チャンピオンズプライド! ワタルVSクレーン!!”.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 will release in other timezones:

  • 05.55 AM, ET, on 8th July 2022 in the USA
  • 05.55 AM, EDT, on 8th July 2022 in Canada
  • 10.55 AM, BST, on 8th July 2022 in the UK
  • 01.55 PM, GST, on 8th July 2022 in UAE
  • 03.25 PM, IST, on 8th July 2022 in India
  • 05.55 PM, SGT, on 8th July 2022 in Singapore
  • 08.55 PM, AEST, on 8th July 2022 in Australia

Where To Watch? You can watch every episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series including Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 on Netflix



Pokemon 2019 episode 116 preview

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