Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 Release Date, Time, Recap, Where to Watch?

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 will be intriguing because everyone is super excited to know who will enter into the finale of the Masters Tournament. Let’s discuss the episode’s release date, time, and streaming details.

Episode 122 of Pokemon Journeys is:‘The Semifinals 1 -Sweep’ is the 1207th episode of the Pokemon anime. The episode features the first semi-final match featuring Leon Vs Diantha. Leon wins the battle and claims his spot in the finale.

According to Bulbapedia, The Title of Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 is The Semifinals II: “Dazzle”. It will be the 1208th episode of the Pokemon anime.

Certainly, Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 will mostly feature the second semi-final match featuring Ash Vs Cynthia. The Winner of this battle will face Leon in The final match of the Masters Tournament.


What to expect in Pokemon Journeys Episode 123?

The winner of Ash and Cynthia’s fight in this situation will be determined in the upcoming episode.

Despite the fact that this episode did an excellent job of building up that conflict, I am still quite excited for Ash vs Cynthia to begin next week.

Ash is on a roll heading into this crucial semifinal contest. Ash is now on his longest victory run ever, spanning 71 episodes and counting, with his most recent defeat coming at the hands of Rinto in Journeys episode 51.

Cynthia had best be prepared for a tough fight since Ash is at the top of his game.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 Release Date and Time

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 will be released on 2nd September 2022 at 6.55 pm JST in Japan. The title of Pokemon Journeys episode 123 is “The Semifinals II: Dazzle” and in Japanese “セミファイナルⅡ「幻惑」”

Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 will release in other timezones:

  • 05.55 AM, ET, in the USA
  • 05.55 AM, EDT, in Canada
  • 10.55 AM, BST, in UK
  • 01.55 PM, GST, in UAE
  • 03.25 PM, IST, in India
  • 05.55 PM, SGT, in Singapore
  • 08.55 PM, AEST, in Australia

Where To Watch? You can watch every episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series including Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 on Netflix.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 Countdown


Pokemon Journeys Episode 123 Preview

Here is the official preview of Pokemon Journeys Episode 123:The Semifinals II: “Dazzle”.

Explore The Pokémon Journeys Episode 122 Recap here

The recap for episode 122 of Pokemon Journeys is as follows:

It felt like the show’s first brand-new episode in almost a month after all the recap episodes. The last non-recap episode is like five weeks ago when Ash v. Steven took place.

Coming to the thing that ‘Is the episode justified the title of episode 122: The Semifinals 1 -Sweep?’. I think No. Leon did not sweep Diana, therefore I’m not sure how true that title is.

I believe that the bulbapedia translation is more correct since they use the phrase overwhelming triumph in place of the sweep.

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The episode Starts at the hotel near Wyndon Stadium

The episode starts at the hotel near Wyndon stadium which is the largest stadium in the Galar region.

Goh is seen Working on data That project Mew sent him

Goh has been up all night organizing data that the project mew team has provided him for something. These pictures are nothing new; we’ve seen them before.


But at least it was interesting to observe Goh getting ready for Project Mew.


Dragonite Adorable hug to Ash heads both of them over to Cynthia’s training area

Ash is using his morning free time to complete some last-minute training as today is the day for both semi-final matches.

Dragonite is particularly enraged and gives Ash a violent hug, which causes the two of them to head over to where Cynthia is making final preparations.

Neither of them actually says much of note in this exchange. It’s not like they are heading into their battle with any animosity or anything. If anything, their interaction just served to stoke the flames of their conflict.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123

The episode continues by introducing two new kids Vic and Toria

These two children appear out of nowhere, fascinated by all the Pokemon.
They go by the names Vic and Toria.

Vic declares that he hopes to one day execute a technique similar to the 10 million volt thunderbolt since he is in awe of these two masters (Ash and Cynthia) of the eight members.

The Episode plot shifts to Everyone’s First Pokemon Which reveals Cynthia’s backstory/history

The conversation shifts to everyone’s initial Pokemon. Accordingly, Garchomp was Cynthia’s very first Pokemon, she says. She narrates the tale of how she cared after the egg until it ultimately hatched into a Gible.

Even though the history of Cynthia was only briefly provided, it was still extremely cool.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123

Ash reveals that his Lucario is hatched from an egg

They rehash the subject of how Lucario’s egg would not hatch no matter who was caring for it and that it had traveled to several areas, including the Sinnoh region. Ash explains that his Lucario was born from an egg.

According to Cynthia, Even Cynthia had heard about the enigmatic egg that wouldn’t hatch.

Anyway, Toria departs in the direction of a Gossifluer as soon as it is time for everyone to go.

Gossifluer Evolves into Eldegoss which is followed by the news that Toria is missing

When all are heading towards Wyndon Stadium, Vic rushes in while looking for a sister who got lost.

However, They ultimately locate Toria listening to the Gossifluer sing. The Gossifluer immediately changes into an Eldegoss because, well, why not, and then it just flies away in the wind.

The episode moves into the First Semi Final Match Featuring Leon Vs Diantha

Everyone is in for a surprise when they arrive at Wyndon Stadium since Leon has already defeated four of Diantha’s Pokemon.

Yes, after they spent the entire program praising Diana’s strategies with Aurorus and Gourgeist. They just skipped their assignment in the fight, leaving Diantha with only Goodra and Gardevoir.


Leon’s Rillaboom Vs Diantha’s Goodra

The Pokemon essentially simply stays motionless while Diana launches Rillaboom a fireblast, but with the strength of the drumming, Rillaboom shrugs it off like nothing ever happened.

Anyway, real boom uses acrobatics to totally hit Goodra, which is enough to knock it out and leave Diantha with just one Pokemon left.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 123

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The episode moves to a quick recap of what we have missed: Leon defeating Diantha’s four pokemon

For some reason they showed Leon’s dragapult being struck by Diana’s tyrantrum’s hyper beam, so they quickly review what we missed.

I’m not sure how it occurred, but in any case, Leon’s rillaboom appears to have chaos four dianthus pokemon.

After seeing the previous elimination of Gourgeist, Jesse is less than pleased, but at least Diana still has a guard of war that can avoid Rillaboom’s onslaught before being defeated by the psychic.

Moreover, Leon’s Rillaboom must be quite powerful because Alain’s Charizard and Diana’s Gardevoir were the only ones to destroy it.


Leon’s Gigantamax Charizard Vs Diantha’s Mega Gradevoir

Leon chooses to send out Charizard as his third Pokemon, demonstrating his seriousness. It’s time for Diantha to mega-evolve since she knows she must perform at her highest level to defeat this monster. Leon responds in kind with Gigantamax Charizard, demonstrating that he is by no means taking his opponent for granted.

However, Diantha surprises us with her next action. She unleashes a powerful thunderbolt that severely damages Charizard. Naturally, it continues, and Leon makes his customary final move—calling for Gmax Wildfire.


Instead of striking gardevoir directly, it creates a flame vortex around it, which gives Diantha the opportunity to respond with psychic, dispersing the flames and deflecting Leon’s assault back at him. But, Leon now has to employ maximum airstream to prevent his own move from hitting him, which is a superb counter.

In response to Leon’s request for one more gmax, Charizard’s gmax Wildfire destroys Diana’s psychic attack. Since Gardevoir was still utilizing psychic, I assume this meant that it was unable to evade.

Anyway, Diantha is aware of her problem and sure enough, this tremendous strike is sufficient to eliminate Mega Garevoir, giving Leon the upper hand.

The episode ends with Leon Entering to Finale After a thumping win over Diantha

Leon is as modest as ever in the win, while Diana is kind in the loss. Leon is waiting for him in the finals, so Ash is getting pumped up.

The episode ends with Ash vs. Cynthia yet to come, and in the meantime, Cynthia is thrilled to witness the enthusiasm on Ash and Pikachu’s faces.


About Pokémon Journeys: The Series

This is the first season of Pokemon Journeys and the 23rd season of the Pokemon anime series. The season debuted on TV Tokyo channel 7 on November 17, 2019. It came as a streaming television season on Netflix on June 12, 2020.

Unlike previous seasons, this was the first Pokémon series to not air on traditional broadcast television in the United States. Weekly episodes of the premiere aired on Teletoon in Canada from May 9, 2020.

Here is the plot of Pokémon Journeys

Ash Ketchum, a Pokémon Trainer, has a new plan: travel the world! But first, he and his partner Pikachu are off to the Cerise Laboratory, a research facility dedicated to understanding the mysteries of Pokémon throughout the world.

Ash meets Goh, another boy obsessed with Pokémon, and both are ecstatic when Professor Cerise invites them to become official research partners.

With Ash as motivated as ever to become a Pokémon Master and Goh trying to capture one of every Pokémon (including the Mythical Mew), our heroes are in for an exciting adventure as they explore the vast world of Pokémon!

However, This season follows the undertakings of Ash Ketchum and new hero Goh (and sometimes Chloe) as they traverse every one of the eight areas of the Pokémon establishment, including the new Galar region from Pokémon Sword and Shield.


Here are the characters that appear in Pokémon Journeys.

These are the ‘main’ characters that will appear in Pokémon Journeys: The Series:

Major characters


  • Team Rocket
    • Jessie
    • James
    • Matori
    • Giovanni
  • Chairman Rose
  • Oleana


  • Professor Oak
  • Professor Cerise
  • Chrysa
  • Ren
  • Delia Ketchum
  • Leon
  • Raihan
  • Sonia
  • Bea
  • Rinto
  • Koharu
  • Suiren

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