Popular Animes of Saori Hayami, The Voice of Yor in Spy X Family

Saori Hayami is a famous Japanese voice actress we all know because she has given voice to many anime characters. She is also a singer who can be placed in the Japanese pop industry.  Saori Hayami recently came to light for bringing live the character of Yor in the spy action-packed comedy anime series Spy X Family. Anime enthusiasts all over are watching the series. It has compelled many to come out of their comfort genre and watch it.

Yor, in particular, is playing an important role in the anime. The diversity that is required to voice Yor is a challenge that Saori has taken up. This is because of the duality in the nature of the character. This is because we can see the character in two different lights. The first we see is Yor the Employee: the kind lady who is always smiling. The second one is the other Yor the Thorn Princess who is a world-class assassin. Who shows no mercy to anyone whatsoever.


Some of Saori Hayami’s Popular Works

Saori Hayami As Sachi- Sword Art Online 

Saori Hayami

Sachi is a side character who is introduced in the Aincrad arc of the anime Sword Art Online. She is a timid and fearful individual. She doesn’t like taking risks and was always paranoid that she would die in SAO. Because of her fear of death, she doesn’t leave the Tower of Beginnings and she hates battles. The only time she trusted someone else was when she found out Kirito’s true level and felt safe enough to let her guard down. 

Year of Appearance: 2012

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Saori Hayami As Emi Igawa- Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Saori Hayami

In a dynamic role, the personality of Emi changes throughout the movie Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. At first glance, Emi feels like a mature, emotionless individual who is calm and composed. But she usually has mood swings that are harmless and internal. While playing the musical instrument, she has a change in personality. 

Year of Appearance: 2014

Saori Hayami As Fubuki- One Punch Man 

Saori Hayami

Fubuki, whose hero name is The Blizzard of Hell in One Punch Man, is a B-rank hero who is ambitious and cold-hearted. Her ambition is mostly to grow as strong as her sister. Through the anime, Fubuki’s personality changes after meeting Saitama. She is someone who believes in strength and power and works hard towards achieving it. 

Year of Appearance: 2015

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Saori Hayami As Shouko Nishimiya- Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice)

A Silent Voice

One of her more well-known roles would have to be that of Shouko Nishimiya in the movie Koe No Katachi, which is the female protagonist’s role in the movie. Shouko is a forgiving and easygoing personality who lacks self-confidence. The problems and hardships she has faced in the past have made her tough. So, she doesn’t give in to her emotions very quickly. 


Year of Appearance: 2016

Saori Hayami’s Voice As Momo Ryuju- Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Although it is not a very big role, Saori Hayami gives her voice to the character Momo Ryuju who is a sort of delinquent in Kaguya-sama: Love is War. She is the head of the Astronomy club. Being from a yakuza family, she does not believe in following the rules and regulations of the school. Ryuju breaks the rules in the way she always uses her phone or wears a hat. These are strictly against the school guidelines but she doesn’t care. She is of short temper and everyone is scared of her. 


Year of Appearance: 2022

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