Shuumatsu no Harem Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Where to Watch?

It is planned that World’s End Harem or Shuumatsu no Harem episode 12, Summer Memories, will be on March 25, 2022, at the scheduled hour. Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ have collaborated to create this anime television series. It is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kotaro Shono. The series is by Yu Nobuta, with writing and illustrations by Tatsuya Takahashi, and the music is by Shigenobou Ookawa.


Shuumatsu no Harem Episode 12

The 12th episode of World’s End Harem will continue Reito’s adventure with his crew searching for a cure for the MK virus. They will be to take a little time off since they are far away from Japan, which is to be the source of the illness. Their trip, on the other hand, has just begun. Many problems await Elisa now that she has met with Reito for the first time. There are specific locations where men are as people since Chloe has a chilly attitude toward men. Other female characters will go to such sites in World’s End Harem Episode 12 to learn more about them.


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Shuumatsu no Harem Episode 11

When will Shuumatsu no Harem Episode 12 release?

The uncensored version of World’s End Harem Episode 12 with the title Summer Memories will air on AT-X

on March 25, 2022, at 9:30 PM JST, while the censored version will air on Crunchyroll on March 26, 2022, at 02:00 AM ET in the United States.

Overall, 12 episodes are planned, with 11 episodes already being broadcast and the last episode of season 1 to premiere in mid-November. Because of this, new episodes have broadcast on Fridays every week after that. However, the release date for World’s End Harem Episode 12 will vary depending on where you live.

Shuumatsu No Harem Episode 11 Recap

“The End of the World” Harem episode 10 opens with a quick flashback. It depicts when Shota was from his deep slumber after the explosion in the previous episode.

Shota’s transformation into a gorgeous man. As well as the reason why he no longer needs his spectacles was in this scenario. Karen informs the cause that Keimon City is a dangerous place to live for the time being. That they have arrived as refugees due to their arrival.

During this time, Reito makes an effort to persuade Mira to accompany him out of the building since she has done so many good things for him. She is also the first person Reito saw after waking up from his freezing sleeping bag. On the other hand, Mira has a condition: she will not progress until he agrees to mate with her.


She was upset when the guy down her proposition and Ms. Pope broke into the toilet to arrest both of them as a consequence.

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