Spy x Family Episode 13 Release Date, Recap, Trailer, Where to Watch?

Spy x Family Episode 13 is another day in the life of the Forgers family. All of them are together just for the sake of the mission. Anya knows everything but she is keeping everything to herself and not revealing her parent’s secrets. Slowly, the three of them are now getting closer to each other, caring about each. Yor and Loid are trying and keeping their secret work life away from the makeshift family that they are. Here is a recap of Spy x Family Episode 12 and the release date and time for Episode 13.


Spy x Family Episode 13: What to Expect?

Lois is working extra hard. He wants the mission to be a success. There are many things that have been left incomplete. Will they finally get a dog? What will Anya do in class now?

Spy x Family Episode 12 Recap

Loid is tired and fully drained. Because there is a lack of manpower and his mission is taking so long, Loud is doing extra missions. The side missions are very tiring. Anya and Yor do not know anything and are going on like normal. 

Efficient but not Effective

Loid is working harder than before. He is covering for the lack of spies. But the side missions that he is doing are taking a lot of his energy and time. He is not home a lot and the neighbors start suspecting that they are not a close family. He is trying his best and does not want this to jeopardize the mission. So he plans on acting so that the neighbor’s suspicions go away. 

Spy x Family Episode 12

Loid is tired but to keep the act together, he suggests that all of them go to the aquarium. The next day, Anya goes with them to the aquarium.

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Aquarium Mayhem

They reach the aquarium and Loid takes a day off. But he still gets a side mission. So they all go to watch the penguins. Loud tries to find the penguin with the secret message but could not. Anya uses telepathy and helps him out somehow. He dresses up as a feeder and goes into the aquarium to collect the message. He takes the penguin and runs but the opposite comes to attack. Anya plans ahead and makes Yor attack the person who was running away. Anya tells Yor that he is trying to kidnap her and Yor goes all battle mode on him. Loid successfully gets the message and he comes back. To cover-up, he gives a stuffed penguin to Anya. He says that he had gone to win it for Anya and that is why he was missing till now. 

All of them go back home. Anya is playing with her new toy, the penguin. Loid and Yor join her and are playing with her. 

Spy x Family Episode 12

Spy x Family Episode 13 Release Date and Time 


Spy x Family Episode 13 will be released in October as Spy x Family Part 2. The title of part 2 is going to be “Stop the Terrorist Bombing”. The title in Japanese is “テロリストの爆撃を停止します”.

Where to Watch? The episodes of the anime Spy x Family releases every Saturday. You can watch the anime episodes of Spy x Family online on Netflix, although, these are only for Asian viewers. Although, you can watch episodes of Spy x Family including Spy x Family Episode 13 on Crunchyroll if you are from North America. You can also watch the anime including the Livestream of Spy x family episode 12 including every other episode on Youtube which is totally free on the channel Muse Asia. Although, if you are only in Asia. You can also watch Spy x family on various other streaming platforms like iQIYI and Bilibili.

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