Spy x Family Episode 8 Release Date, Time, Recap, Where to Watch?

Spy x Family episode 8 is going to be an interesting episode as in episode 7 Yor’s brother Yuri finds out that, his sister is married. So in Spy x Family episode 8, we will find more about Yuri and his reaction to his sister’s marriage. Episode 7 of the anime Spy x Family was released just a few hours ago. As episode 7 provides us with a very interesting and entertaining episode and quite a twist. So, fans can’t wait for Spy x Family episode 8 to release. And They want to know when Spy x Family episode 8 is going to air. So, In this article, you are going to know about Spy x Family Episode 8 release date, time, episode 7 recap, and where to watch.

The anime Spy x Family is the story of a spy. To complete his mission he has to build a family as he needs to come into contact with Donovan Desmond. He adopts a girl not realizing that she is a  telepath. And for her mother, he agrees to marry a woman not knowing that she is a trained assassin. Spy x Family anime is based on the manga Spy x Family, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The anime gets a rating of 9/10 in IMDB and 9.1/10 on MyAnimeList. In episode 6 we see that Anya beat up Donovan Desmond’s second son Damian Desmond and thus their relationship starts in a bad way. So, in this article, you will be going to find out what happens after that, so stay tuned.


Recap of Episode 7

Episode 7(The Target’s Second Son) starts with Loid Forger where he is making breakfast. And thinks that he is getting used to living with Anya and Yor. Where Anya was sad that she blew things up. But Loid said to not worry, but also not to pick up more fights. Later, Anya went to school and tries to say sorry to Damian. But, Becky does not let Anya talk with Damian. On the other hand, Loid got so worried that he followed Anya to her school. And as Blackbell does not allow Anya to talk to Damian. So, he thought Becky might be instructed by the enemy organization to stand in their way.

On the first day of school, other classmates exclude both Anya and Becky. Despite that, Becky assured Anya that she will always be with her. And also said not to apologize to Damian. But Loid pressures Anya to apologize to Damian by sending different messages. And she finally did when Becky was away. However, Damian has already fallen in love with her. And so in embarrassment, he runs away as he denied his fillings for Anya.

Spy x Family Episode 8

As a result, Loid thought plan B is a failure. So, he pressurized Anya to study and became a scholar student. But she does not want and she wears herself out. Yor told Loid, not to pressurize her, and Loid realized he is being too harsh. And Loid goes to check on Anya and finds out she is asleep on her desk trying to study.

Elsewhere, Yor’s brother Yuri finds out from Dominic about his sister’s marriage.

Spy x Family Episode 8
Image: Yuri (Yor’s Brother)

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Spy x Family Episode 8 Release Date & Time

Spy x Family episode 8 will get a release on 28 May 2022, at 11:00 PM JST in Japan. The title of episode 8 is “The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation”. In Japanese the title is 対秘密警察偽装作戦.

Spy x Family Episode 7 will release in other timezones:

  • 10.00 AM, ET, on 28th May 2022 in the USA
  • 10.00 AM, EDT, on 28th May 2022 in Canada
  • 03.00 PM, BST, on 28th May 2022 in the UK
  • 06.00 PM, GST, on 28th May 2022 in UAE
  • 07.30 PM, IST, on 28th May 2022 in India
  • 10.15 PM, SGT, on 28th May 2022 in Singapore
  • 12.00 AM, AEST, on 29th May 2022 in Australia

Where to Watch?

You can watch the anime episodes on Netflix but only in Asia. However, you can watch the anime Spy x Family on Crunchyroll if your location is in North America. You can also watch the anime Spy x family on Youtube which is totally free. The youtube channel is Muse Asia. However, if you are only in Asia. You can also watch spy x family on various other streaming platforms like iQIYI and Bilibili.

Spy x Family Episode 8 Preview

In Spy x Family Episode 8(The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation) we expect that there will be a secret police force whose name is Counter-Secret Police. Their job is to find out any spy, like Twilight. And also we expect to find out who Yuri actually is and what will be his reaction to Yor’s marriage.



Spy x Family Episode 8 Preview

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