Top 5 Characters in Komi Can’t Communicate Who Are Very Close to Komi

Komi Can’t Communicate is successfully entering Season 2 of its anime and it is as famous as ever. Komi suffers from social anxiety and is not able to talk to people even if she wants to. She really wants to change this because she likes talking to people. She somehow talks to Tadano and Tadano becomes her first-ever friend in her life. With the help of her new friend, Komi is slowly opening up the best she can and trying to make friends with as many people as she can. By now, she has come a long way and she has many friends whom she talks to and goes out with. Of all these friends, she has some whom she is closer with and is more comfortable being around. 


Here are the top 5 characters that are close to Komi: 

5. Nakanaka Omoharu

Nakanaka is a lovable character mostly because she plays pretend and is in her own world most of the time. She becomes friends with Komi and calls it a ‘Blood Oath’. In the beginning, she does not have any friends like Komi because she acts weird around everyone. Komi does not mind it though and they are friends. Nakanaka likes video games a lot and is very good at them. She spends a lot of time playing video games and board games which is why she is so good at them. She acts like her real life is also like the games she plays.

Nakanaka Omoharu
Yadano Makeru

4. Yadano Makeru

Yadano is someone who harmlessly challenges Komi at everything that they are doing. She has self-proclaimed herself as Komi’s rival. Each time she competes, she gets beat by her. But she takes it lightly and gets back on her feet for the next time. She does not get tired of losing and Komi also enjoys her company sometimes. She does not mind Yadano and just goes about doing what she’s doing.

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3. Agari Himiko 

Agari also has social anxiety which makes it a little difficult for her to make friends as well. She is the same as Komi when it comes to this. When Komi and Agari become friends, Agari directly calls herself Komi’s pet. She is always happy to spend time with Komi, Tadano and Najimi. She is the one person that Komi does not mind after Tadano and Najimi because she is timid and not very loud. Agari is the other person whom Komi can spend time hanging out with and is called when they are going out.

Agari Himiko
Najimi Osana

2. Najimi Osana

Najimi is a fun-loving and hyperactive person. The one thing that has not been revealed yet is Najimi’s gender. But nonetheless, even though their personality is opposite of each other, Najimi and Komi get along really well. Most of the time Najimi is the one speaking and Komi just sits there and listens intently. Whenever the gang has met, most of the time, it is Najimi who calls everyone and makes the plans. Najimi is very outgoing and friendly with everyone and knows everyone from somewhere or the other.


1. Tadano Hitohito

Tadano is the first friend that Komi makes and he is very special to her. Until now, Tadano is the only person to whom she has opened her mouth and talked. He is the one person who understands what she is trying to say even if no one else can figure it out. He is there for her no matter what problem she faces and has supported her whenever he can.

Tadano Hitohito Friend of Komi

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