Top 5 Funny Situations in Spy X Family

Spy X Family is a very complex but funny anime because of the laughable situations that we encounter every minute. The main reason that the anime does not take a serious turn is because of Anya. Anya is the character that brings the most humor to the anime. She reads people’s minds at inappropriate times and because of this, the story becomes funny. By knowing the whole story, some situations seem funnier in that context. 


Top 5 funny situations in Spy X Family:

5. Anya’s Tantrum Episode 1 (9.30)

 Spy X Family

Loid has just adopted Anya from the orphanage and is trying to understand parenting. He has taken her home and left her there but she follows him outside. Loid is getting fed up because Anya follows him everywhere and is trying to understand her better. He thinks to himself that he should probably change Anya because she is not listening to any of his instructions. Because Anya was reading his mind, she knew what he was thinking about. She is scared that he will send her back and starts crying in the middle of the street. Everyone does not know what is going on so it looks like Loid is abandoning his child. It breaks the tension of the situation and makes it funny.

4. Yor’s Entry Episode 2 (11:37)

Spy X Family

Loid meets Yor for the first time in the dress shop. He is there to get Anya some clothes. Yor slips from Loid’s presence and goes forward and this makes Loid curious. Anya comes in from the other room and reads Yor’s mind. She finds out that Yor is a spy and becomes happy. Anya feels there is not enough drama in her life and tries to help her best. She helps in setting up the relationship between Yor and Loid. The situation becomes quite funny because a little kid is trying to set up a date between adults. 

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3. A Jealous Yuri Episode 8 (15:31)


Yuri has come to visit his sister and to spy on the guy she has married. He is very skeptical of Loid and keeps thinking that he is not right for his sister. He asks for proof by asking what they call each other. His expression suddenly changes and it becomes funny when Yor responds. Yor tells him that she calls Loid, Loidy with love. Because he is overprotective of his sister and skeptical of Loid, he gets jealous. And with a scared expression starts drinking more and more wine.

2. Slap of Love Episode 9 (3:53)

Spy X Family

Loid and Yor are hosting Yuri over for dinner. Even after watching them all snuggly with each other, he wants more proof. So he asks them to kiss in front of him. Yor drinks up because she couldn’t dare to kiss a guy sober. In her drunken state, she almost kisses Loid. Yuri could not handle seeing his sister kiss someone else. Yor could not kiss Loid. She feels shy and goes to slap Loid. Loid ducks and Yuri was running towards his sister and got slapped instead. 


1. The IMPORTANT Mission Episode 5 (any time after 9:33)

Loid and Anya

Anya is sad because she was not able to give her all. To cheer her up, he chooses to play a game with her. She wants to play the game that she sees in her spy cartoon all the time. To play the game he uses government money and deploys all the spies to come to help him with the situation. All the spies nearby are deployed with maximum engagement speed as it is considered a top priority mission. It becomes funny when everyone realizes that all of the resources were used to make a little girl happy.

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