Why One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date Delayed? What Happened at Toei Animation?

For millions of anime enthusiasts all across the globe, One Piece has become a mainstay of their weekend television viewing habits. But the series will be noticeably missing from this week’s program, which will be in Japan and worldwide on streaming platforms. As a result, what do we know about the postponement of One Piece episode 1014 and has Toei Animation announced a new release date for “Marco’s Tears! ” “It is the Whitebeard Pirates’ bond that unites us!”


One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date Delayed

One Piece, produced by Toei Animation, is one of the longest-running anime series of all time. Anime viewers have very well received recent episodes of the Wano Arc. The massive animation studio has been churning out new One Piece episodes almost every week, with just a few pauses in between.

Toei Animation’s internal network has recently had some difficulties. Viewers may anticipate a significant number of disruptions to the series’ regular production schedule. It is necessary to plan for some of the following weekends when there will be no new anime episodes.

The release of One Piece episode 1014 in its entirety was for Sunday, March 13th, 2022, all over the globe. According to the studio’s website

, the episode will premiere next week, on March 20th. It will be available for purchase on iTunes. In contrast, Toei Animation has just revealed that the One Piece anime series will be on hold. It is for an undetermined amount of time due to scheduling conflicts.

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What Happened at Toei Animation?

As of March 13th, neither Toei Animation nor the series’ distribution partners have a new release date. It will be for the One Piece episode 1014 that postpone due to technical difficulties.

According to a statement on the official One Piece website, Toei Animation will provide additional information about the hacking and the release schedule. It will have subsequent episodes after March 20th, according to the reports.


However, fans should keep in mind that this does not necessarily imply that the new episode will premiere on March 20th; further information will be at that time.

One Piece episode 1014

Toei Animation’s Official Statement

The studio announced in a formal declaration that they would provide some information concerning the future transmission of One Piece after March 20th, 2022. But that they would not do so on that day. Given that the One Piece anime is now on hiatus. It’s unclear how long viewers will have to wait before seeing Episode 1014 on the screen for the first time.

Unfortunately, One Piece isn’t the only anime series that has been compromised due to this security issue. According to reports, additional Toei Animation anime series such as Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Digimon Ghost Game, and Delicious Party. Pretty Cure is all on hiatus from their regular broadcast schedule.

Although the indefinite vacation might endure for many months. It is possible that the anime series could return within a few weeks if we are fortunate. Once the problem resolves, the studio said they would post a new timetable on their social media accounts.


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