Meet Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Voice Actor Behind Pinocchio on Disney+

You will be amazed to know that the voice star behind Pinocchio is no one but child actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth. First released in 1940, the Pinocchio has its leading star who gives his voice to the puppet.

Disney has a lot of characters who are everyone’s childhood favorites. It keeps reintroducing all those beloved fantasy fairy tales to screen every time with something new.


Meet Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Voice Actor Behind Pinocchio

Everybody is well aware of Disney’s creations. The most popular fairy tales like Cinderella, The Lion King, the Jungle Book, and the beast have been reintroduced so many times to screen.

So, now it’s the time for you to cherish a new vision and have a look at Pinocchio. 

Academy award-winning Veteran filmmaker, Robert Zemeckis has come up with the latest version. This version of Pinocchio is an animated film.

The voice of animated Pinocchio belongs to someone who is very popular for his performance in The haunting of Bly Manor. Yes, you are right! The child actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth is to lend his voice to the puppet, Pinocchio.


The trailer of the upcoming action-play adventure film has been released. And the leading star of the film is your favorite 13-year-old British child actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth. 

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Acting journey of the Pinocchio Star 

He is already very popular and has showcased his acting skills through projects since 2018. 

Benjamin made his first appearance and screen debut in an episode of Emmerdale farm. In this episode, he played the role of a school kid.

After showcasing his talent in Emmerdale, he was featured in a 2020 short film The recycling man. He played the character of Jacob.

As time went by he got some bigger projects. These included the popular 2020 Netflix mini-series The haunting of Bly Manor. He gained popularity and fame from this series.

Here, he was featured as Miles Wingrave. It was a central role that got significant exposure. He was also featured for mini roles in the Son of a Critch and The Sandman.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth
Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (Instagram/benjamin.evan.ainsworth)

But Benjamin’s acting journey does not end here. He also played William in last year’s Disney movie Flora and Ulysses. So, now you can understand that he is no stranger to Disney World.

When Can You watch Pinocchio

After getting introduced to the latest version of Pinocchio, it can be hard for you to wait. But you don’t have to be upset because your favorite Pinocchio star is coming for you soon.

Not to miss, Pinocchio is all set to release on Disney+ on Thursday, September 8, 2022. If you are so eager to hear the voice of a 13-year-old British star, then you can find him on Instagram as well.

Yes!! You can find Evan on Instagram under the username benjamin.evan.ainsworth. He has 43000 followers and has recently shared his new project trailer. 

While sharing the teaser he wrote in the caption that he is so honored and extremely proud to have voiced this iconic character for the next generation. He further adds that he can’t wait for them to stream Pinocchio.”

To ensure your availability for the release of Pinocchio, the film is released on the ott platform. You cannot see this in theatres or other streaming platforms.


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