A Madea Homecoming: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Where to Watch?

A ‘Madea Homecoming’ is an approaching American comedy-drama movie. This comedy-drama movie is set to make the viewers mad with a lot of laughter in the coming days.

Tyler Perry wrote, directed, and produced this comedy-drama movie. Tyler is a well-known American filmmaker and actor. Also, he is famous for making and playing the role of Madea. Madea is a strong African-American woman.

Also, A Madea Homecoming is the 12th part of the Madea Cinematic Universe. The role of Madea was constructed on Perry’s aunt and mother. The logic behind making and playing this comic role was to give both women an amazing honor.

The role of Madea was depicted in several movies, plays (comprising one animated). This part has taken from Perry’s 2019 Madea’s farewell.


A Madea Homecoming Cast

The main figure of this Madea series is Tyler Perry. Tyler depicted the character himself in several movies and plays based on these plays.
Excluding Perry, below stars will also appear in the crucial title role in the movie.

  • Cassi Davis-Patton as Aunt Bam
  • Brandon Black as Tim
  • David Mann as Mr. Brown
  • Isha Blakker as Devi
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Laura
  • Tamela Mann as Cora Simmons
  • Jennifer Gibney as Cathy Brown
  • Candance Maxwell as Ellie
  • Brendan O’Carroll as Agnes Brown
  • Amani Atkinson as Richard
  • Genva Maccarone as Sylvia
A Madea Homecoming

A Madea Homecoming Release Date and Where to Watch?

At Tyler Perry Studios, the shooting of this comedy-drama movie began in June 2021. Finally, Officials declared Madea Homecoming to have its straight OTT release. Also, the comedy-drama movie will release on an online streaming platform i.e Netflix on 25th February 2022.

So, get excited and be ready to take the amazing ride of Madea’s one more tour. This movie will make you go mad with a bag full of giggling and comedy. Also, it will arrive with some serious message just like the last ones.


A Madea Homecoming Theme and Trailer

On 26 January 2022, Netflix released the trailer of Madea Homecoming. The Trailer is two minutes long which gives you the idea of this part, a greeting party for Madea’s family.

The greeting party is being arranged because her best grandson has graduated from college. In the middle, some secrets are frightening the Homecoming of this happy family. Undoubtedly, you will laugh your heart out after watching this comedy-drama movie.


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