The Adam Project: All The Stunning Scenes And The Filming Locations

The shooting locations are often crucial because real-life locales can sometimes provide far more dimension to a picture than a green screen studio. The Adam Project, Netflix’s newest addition, successfully blends the two elements with eye-catching effects. Filming for The Adam Project took place entirely in and around Vancouver. It is where Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was born there.


The Adam Project: All The Stunning Scenes

According to Netflix, the outside of Adam’s family home and the tree-line roads in the scene when the Adams attempts to flee from a jet strike. It was in the Lynn Valley community of North Vancouver, where the Adams live. It was one of the top sites included in the Lost in Space series.  Also, it is a gorgeous park and 65 kilometers of paths that wind through the rainforest.


The Blarney Stone Irish pub is located at 216 Carrall Street in Vancouver’s Gastown. It serves as the setting for the moment when 2050 Adam meets her 2022 mother, Ellie (played by Jennifer Garner). Another film in which Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo appeared as a couple was the 2004 fantasy romantic comedy 13 Going on 30. It similarly had a time-travel plotline.

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The Adam Project

What were the location where the Adam Project filming took place?

Jack Poole Plaza, Park Royal retail mall, and Marine Way Market Crossing in the nearby city of Burnaby. It was among the venues for The Adam Project filming. It was also been there in several essential places across Vancouver.

Vancouver, sometimes known as Hollywood North, has been the location for more than 10,000 films and television episodes. With prominent productions including Peacemaker, Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, Space Force, Supernatural. Also with DC’s Arrowverse shows among others.


Adam Reed’s family home, which takes the form of a comfortable house in the woods, is one of the most actual locales in The Adam Project.

A magnificent scene was in a studio that was initially there as a hockey rink, according to Claude Paré. The Adam Project’s production designer, who was previously on the Spider-Man: Far From Home and It.

“We wanted the interior of the home to look like a split-level fantasy home you would typically find in the Pacific Northwest. But we also wanted something that looked like it had grown together over time,” Claude said in a Netflix

news statement.

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