The Batman: Riddler and Joker Compared & Ending Explained

Matt Reeves’ long-awaited take on the Dark Knight is finally out, and it’s wonderful. The darkly intriguing detective thriller offers a fresh perspective on Gotham. Reeves reimagines Batman’s early years, creating something detailed and authentic.  In this article, we will talk about The Batman Ending and the villains Riddler and Joker.


The Batman Ending

The Riddler’s final plan is revealed after The Batman: flood Gotham City on the night of a big election. And kill the new leaders from above Gotham Square Garden with a group of his most devoted online followers.

The plot works for the most part, but the Riddler fails to account for Batman’s sheer tenacity. The Batman manages to prevent the scheme, but not before the whole city of Gotham is submerged up to its neck in river water. You will get to know more about the same in the movie.

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The Batman Ending’s Inspirations

Even though the Riddler and his hundreds of Twitch followers were destroyed, the Riddler may find a new friend. The Riddler’s cell at Arkham Asylum is located next to the Joker, who is portrayed in a cameo appearance by Barry Keoghan (Eternals, The Green Knight).

While Keoghan is covered in grotesque clown makeup and mainly hidden behind the small eyehole of a closed door, the Joker’s maniacal cackle is identifiable no matter where spectators are in the universe. During a conversation, both the Riddler and the Joker plot to get out of Arkham and use the chance to take over Gotham.

Riddler and Joker

Is The Riddler a Fearsome DC Villain?

It’s worth considering the Riddler’s appearance. And why he has the potential to be one of the scariest Batman villains ever. Whereas the Joker saw himself and Batman as fated competitors. Which no doubt assisted the Joker’s numerous popular and serious film representations. The Riddler lacks the same intrinsic urge to annoy the Bat.


He’s typically just there to show himself wiser than “The World’s Greatest Detective”. Or because the Dark Knight has caught him attempting to prove it to someone else. In reality, for a brief moment in the comics, the Riddler was an ally of Batman, eager to demonstrate his cleverness on the side of good for a (short) change. It makes the Riddler scarier in the context of The Batman. Since it implies he sees himself as Batman’s ally, as indicated by the “secret buddy” label he gives the Dark Knight on the card he hands him.


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