The Chalk Line, Filming Locations, Cast & Is It Based on True Story?

The Chalk Line is currently the most significant movie for fans to binge on, with the kind of attention the film is getting. People are curious to know whether it was based on a True Story or not. Let us look at this article to learn more about the film.


What is The Chalk Line movie all about?

The Chalk Line is a Spanish movie that is currently fascinating movie bingers with its psychological elements.

Well, the movie starts with a couple named Paula and Simon Who suddenly see a small child walking alone while driving their car. The couple thus takes her to the hospital and looks after her as her foster parents. Since both of them are also trying for a child and trying for IVF treatment, they, therefore, take this opportunity very dearly.

After spending some time with the girl whom they name Clara draws chalk all around herself because she has this belief that stepping out of the chalk line will lead the monster to come and punish her.


But with the story, things get a bit intense when the couple finds out some glass in their food and the girl is trying to hurt them, Therefore the story from this part intensifies and, therefore, leaves the audience in total psychological chaos.

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Is The Chalk Line based on True Story?

Well, yes the movie The Chalk Line is based on a True Story which does not contain a more horror element to it but more of an evil addition to it.

The story is thus based on the Josef Fritz case, where Josef locked his own daughter Elizabeth in a basement for 24 hours. And as a result of her father continuously abusing her during these years, she became pregnant with seven children.

The story of the movie The Chalk Line depicts a totally different scenario but there are some similarities between the movie and the real case.

The story is thus based on a real story but however, but there are some elements portrayed in the film that resembles the true case.

The Chalk Line
Credit: Netflix

The Chalk Line Filming Locations and Cast

The movie The Chalk Line, since is a Spanish movie is thus shot in most of the locations of Spain. A major filming location for the film is Madrid, Spain as one of the primary shooting locations for this psychological thriller.

As per reports, the cast and crew of the film utilized a set in Villaviciosa de Odon, a municipality in the western zone of the Community of Madrid.


While talking about the Cast, the film stars Elena Anaya as Paula, Pablo Molinero as Simon and Eva Tennear as Clara and others.

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