What Did Gaston Lepage Say about ‘Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the stars’?

A quarter of a century ago, both host and actress Marie-Soleil Tougas and her husband, filmmaker Jean-Claude Lauzon (A zoo at nightLéolo), lost their lives in a plane crash in the Far North. What did Gaston Lepage say about it?

Beyond the stars is a heart-touching documentary. It looks back at the journey of the two artists and the tragedy of August 10, 1997, that took them away, leaving all of Quebec in shock.

On the VRAI platform, We see the introductory images of the couple formed by two very different personalities and testimonials from friends and colleagues, television and film memories, and a look back at the plane crash that cost them their lives.

Several speakers took part in the 1:20-hour film, including Gaston Lepage, who saw the plane of Marie-Soleil Tougas and Jean-Claude Lauzon wrecked in front of his eyes in 1997. In a virtual exchange before the release of the documentary, Gaston Lepage spoke of his impressions of the work.


Words of Gaston Lepage

Although he got a link to watch the documentary over a week before, he put off attending to it until the day before yesterday because he knew it would nonetheless scare him, not the life of those people, the loss of those people.


He was devastated by the satisfaction he saw in between. Also, the amusement of people who showed their fondness for everyone. He thought it had tremendous importance. 

” They were an unlikely couple “, he furthermore added.

”I loved the documentary “, he continues. It opens me up in an aspect. I had already done my interring for all that. He said, I never spoke about it again afterward, except to people extremely, extremely close to me.

I moreover had put that aside.

It has always been existing in my head and I know it will remain so, especially for the event at the end.

 I’m happy that people, even the youngest, see these facets of the two people and feel that the impossible can come about because they were together and had a lot of fun, even if Jean-Claude said he didn’t have a blonde.

You should understand that clearly, Jean-Claude Lauzon did not want to seem publicly with Marie-Soleil Tougas and she called him in private his ” not-chum “. The public, accordingly, found out that they were dating when they died. Even Marie-Soleil Touga’s brother, Sébastien, announces he has never confronted the director.

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The scenes inside the plane


Although we repeat in the documentary the fact that we will never realize what occurred in this plane, Gaston Lepage and the numerous stakeholders retain that the theory of the family dispute is ruled out.

Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the stars
Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the stars

He instead believes the purpose of the crash was a visual illusion or distraction.

“Let us be sure of one thing, I saw the plane arrive on the surface and I know that they were both breathing after the crash. The impact was not harsh, it was fairly smooth. The plane hit the trees and thus slowed down frightfully but the fire seized 3 seconds later and that was when I shouted: get out of there! On the investigation, they were found separated. So Jean-Claude had time to unlock Marie-Soleil and unlock himself but didn’t have a moment to come out.”


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