What is The Meaning of ‘Svengali’? How Is It Related to Netflix Doc. on Marilyn Monroe

After the release of the documentary about Marilyn Monroe, the audience is wondering about the meaning of ‘ Svengali’. The document explores various mysteries of the life of the Hollywood icon. Further, you can even come across the unheard recordings of the actress. Besides, you will hear the mysterious word ‘ Svengali’ in one of the recordings.

Talking about the recording, it was from an interview with Marilyn Monroe. We can see that the interviewee Anthony Summer was relating the Hollywood star’s predicament with the term ‘Svengali’. Therefore the audience is now speculating about the suggestive meaning of this word.


Exploring the uncanny word ‘Svengali’

As aforesaid there is a speculation brewing among the audience about the mysterious word. Recently Emma Cooper made a documentary dedicating Marilyn Monroe. In the documentary, she explores the mysteries connected to her death. She even shows the world many unheard tapes of the actress. And the director shows more than 650 interviews given by the Hollywood stunner. But one of a tape catches the attention of the netizens.

As in the tape, there was a use of mysterious words referring to the situation of Monroe. Thus people get busy speculating what can be the meaning of ‘Svengali’. Moreover how this word has a connection with the timeless beauty.

Meaning of Svengali
Image: Marilyn Monroe

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Meaning of ‘Svengali’

As svengali was used by the interviewee for Marilyn, what does he mean to say? Therefore netizens are trying to derive the suggestive meaning of ‘Svengali’. Normally the word denotes a manipulative person who tries to influence someone. And they, therefore, influence others to fulfill their evil intentions. Besides svengali is open to one more interpretation related to a novel. In the novel, Trilby, there was a manipulative character Svengali who was the antagonist. This man Svengali manipulates and seduces the protagonist of the novel. Therefore this manipulative man uses the protagonist to fulfill his intention. Certainly, netizens are now joining the dots for deriving the exact meaning of the word.

Use of Svengali in the Netflix documentary

Coming back to the tape, the interview compares Marilyn’s situation with Svengali’s. He relates Marilyn with the titular protagonist Trilby who faces manipulation. Thus he indicated that the actress was facing a similar situation. It indicates that the men in her life have done the manipulation.

Therefore she had certainly faced the exploitation from the manipulative men in her life. However, Marilyn never agreed to have Svengali around her life. Neither did she agree that she was a slave to some men in her life. Therefore she straightly rejected the belief that her situation is similar to Trilby’s.


Undoubtedly the documentary was a sheer tribute to the legendary icon of Hollywood. The director has tried to show the deeper aspects of the actress’s personality.

The documentary also brings the unheard tapes of the icon. Therefore we came across a tape where the interviewee hints that she was more like Trilby. But she denies the claim that she has Svengali in her life. Moreover, this documentary brings beautiful reminiscences of the actress’s life. Marilyn Monroe was a legendary actress whom people can never forget. The documentary was an effort in unearthing various details regarding her shocking death.

Official Trailer of The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes

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