Where to Watch Morbius Online? Is it Coming to Disney Plus, Netflix, or Amazon Prime?

Spider-Man’s latest addition, Morbius, has finally been released as a spin-off. After all, superhero movies are a thing we all appreciate, aren’t they? Sony Pictures’ Morbius has taken to the screens after pandemic delays that halted its release every time. Several reshoots and delays brought about the movie’s current release, but viewers can still enjoy it. Stay tuned to know where to Watch Morbius Online.


Morbius Movie

A spin-off of Spider-Man’s live-action universe, Morbius, will hit theatres on Friday. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in significant disruptions to new movies, ushered an unprecedented number of theatrical films into streaming services as soon as they hit the big screen. Among them are Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock, and Netflix. HBO Max, in particular, has become synonymous with the practice last year, but others have a track record of same-day releases as well.

When any new movie comes out in theatres, moviegoers are by the same-day streaming practice. Many people are confused about when a movie hits the big screen and whether it will be available on streaming because there are no standards for when movies will move to stream. However, Morbius is only available in theatres this Friday, and subscribers will not be able to stream it.


Where to Watch Morbius Online?

Netflix will stream Morbius first. Sony, which distributes the film, has struck a deal with Netflix to make all its theatrical releases available on Netflix before they are available anywhere else.

Netflix does not offer free content due to its subscription-based model. Morbius will be part of Netflix’s standard catalog like everything else, so viewers won’t need to pay more to access it.

Watch Morbius Online
Image: Morbius and Jared Leto( from Instagram/jaredleto and Credit MORBIUS/Twitter)

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Morbius Streaming Release Date

Netflix or Sony has not confirmed the streaming release date for Morbius. However, Netflix‘s deal with Sony is what, traditionally, is called a “pay-one window.” Typically, movies reach this stage of their release cycle about six to nine months after premiering on the big screen.

Therefore, if Sony and Netflix continue to follow this timeline. Morbius is to be available for streaming on Netflix by the end of this year. So, you can watch Morbius online on Netflix.

Hollywood trade publications report that Sony’s last movie, like Morbius, will be streaming in six months. Morbius might also follow the timeline, but that is unclear.

Morbius Review

Despite Jared Leto‘s performance as Dr. Michael Morbius and Matt Smith’s performance as Milo being enjoyable to watch, the rest of the movie fails to deliver. Morbius, the Living Vampire, makes his film debut in the film. First appearing in a 1971 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man as the web-slinger’s rival. Though Morbius began as a villain, he later became more like a flawed, Shakespearean vigilante. Which seems to be a common theme for comic-book heroes.


I think the story of Morbius – the genius scientist who turns into a vampire while trying to cure a rare blood disorder. It would make an exciting movie. It is not that movie. It’s vaguely reminiscent of a ’90s movie, but without the fun and flying cows.

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