Who is Bad Bunny as He Will Play Marvel Villain Character El Muerto?

In conjunction with the release of El Muerto, Sony’s new Marvel film to be released on January 12, 2024, Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio) is its star. The character El Muerto which Sony owns means the character will live in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s Venom and Jared Leto’s Morbius and not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).


Marvel Villain Character El Muerto

Although not as well known as Spider-Man, El Muerto is an interesting comic book character. If he is there, Bad Bunny will be the first Latino actor to play the lead role in a Marvel movie. It will also be the first Marvel movie featuring a native Spanish speaker.

El Muerto
Image: El Muerto

There is usually a villain El Muerto (“The Dead”) in Spider-Man comic books. Since Peter Parker has an extensive family history and backstory, we do not need to include him in this movie. He will give the film plenty of material to work with without him being in the film.


Juan-Carlos Estrada Sánchez is the actual name of this character. El is Sanchez’s family name. He comes from a long line of wrestlers with magical masks that give them superpowers and calls himself El Muerto. The character speaks broken English in the comics so Marvel will release its first bilingual film.

In addition to superhuman strength, the character has a high level of endurance and endurance. In the comics, he has also become quite good at wrestling by meeting Spidey.

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Who is Bad Bunny?

It is, however, evident that this is not the case at the beginning of his story. The truth is that Sanchez breaks away from his family tradition to join Spider-Man’s canon. Sanchez seems to resent taking on the El Muerto identity, so he refuses to participate in the ritual fight between him and El Dorado that would grant him the mask.

Sanchez’s father dies defending his son after El Dorado tries to kill him due to this refusal. After this ordeal, Sanchez has another chance to prove himself; he must train for ten years, then defeat and reveal a masked hero. He chooses Spider-Man,

so he becomes yet another villain in Peter Parker’s rogues’ gallery.

Sony owns all these Spidey villains, so the company is following up its Venom, Morbius, and Kraven the Hunter films with one focused on El Muerto.

The movie studio will produce a film version of this origin story for the El Muerto movie. Variety reports that the film will feature Bad Bunny’s character about to inherit his father’s power. Although casting for El Dorado has not yet been there, this strongly suggests he will be the antagonist.


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