Why Did Batgirl 2022 Cancel? First Major Casualty for the Warner Bros

The Batgirl 2022 movie already in the post-production process had to be canceled. Which has turned out to be a major casualty for Warner Bros. since it was scheduled to release on HBO Max in the US.


Why did Warner Bros, cancel Batgirl?

Warner Bros. initially wanted a late release date for the movie, somewhere around the last month of 2022. They did several test screenings to which the public response was too poor.

The reaction of the citizens was so low that Warner Bros. had no other decision but to cancel the movie. They believe film canceling would be a better option, than a huge sum of future loss.

There is a second reason too, that also led to the movie getting canceled. The Batgirl movie did not fit to the description of what Warner Bros. was committed to. They wanted DC movies to be big, theatrical, event-style films whereas Batgirl did not have any of these features in it.

About the movie Batgirl 2022

The Batgirl movie cost a whopping sum of $90 million, which goes to waste because it is no longer to be released.

Leslie Grace was cast for the role of the Batgirl and Barbara Gordon as well. The movie also featured the return J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton, which also got the fans excited.

Batgirl 2022 Canceled
Leslie Grace as Batgirl (from: Twitter)

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What are the DC fans saying?

Fans had predicted Batgirl and had shown great enthusiasm and excitement for the movie. If the movie had been released they would have got to see Leslie Grace as Batgirl and as Barbara Gordon. Fans would have also witnessed the return of J.K. Simmons as Jim Gordon and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

” If it wasn’t canceled, Batgirl would have been:

One of the first, if not the first, superhero movies with a latina actress as the lead.

One of the first superhero movies with a trans person playing a trans person.


was what a disappointed fan had twitted .

Fans were also quick enough to come up with relatable memes on the internet. They even compared DC and MCU saying Marvel is releasing movies on movies whereas DC is on a cancellation strike.

The Batgirl cancellation got the fans so upset, that they have left hopes to receive something good and worth the wait movies from DC.


”So, if Warner Bros Discovery really canceled Batgirl because ”It’s not a big enough name that people would pay to see” then what the fuck does that mean for the Blue Beetle movie??

Cause I know for a fact more people know the movie than Blue Beetle. LMAO” said another tweet by a person who was also disappointed because the movie getting canceled.

Blue Bettle was set to be released after the movie, somewhere in the year 2023. The film’s budgeting has not been disclosed but is speculated to be the same as Batgirl. It is yet to be announced whether Blue Beetle will have a release or not because it also does not fit DC’s description of a theatrical movie.

So far the fans are hoping DC does not throw another news regarding the cancellation of a movie, for which the fans have been eagerly waiting.

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