Will Batgirl 2 Premiere This Year as Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Says ‘Batgirl 2 is Already Being Discussed’?

Although HBO Max will not broadcast the first Batgirl film until the end of the year. Star Leslie Grace is already looking forward to the next installment. Different sources have said Grace was asked when Batgirl 2 would begin filming. After laughing, she responded, “We got to see this one first, but we talked about what it can become. I’ve seen some of what we shot, obviously from playbacks and stuff like that, and it’s crazy. We are already talking about what we can do next since so many things happen in this film.”


Batgirl 2

While HBO Max has yet to release the first Batgirl movie, the lead actress Leslie Grace says a Batgirl 2 is already in the works. Warner Bros. has begun to bring its DCEU properties to small screens while still keeping them connected to the cinematic universe. With the launch of HBO’s streaming service.


John Cena starred in a spinoff series called Peacemaker that landed a second-season pickup this year. Follow the massive success of The Suicide Squad. As well as making original DCEU films for HBO Max, Warner Bros. is also producing DCTV shows with ties to the movie, including Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon will jump from panel to screen in her solo film. While Michael Keaton’s Batman will feature in the DCEU-based film. Director Adil El Arbi of Ms Marvel, and actor Bilall Fallah, of Batgirl. Tell the origin story of Barbara Gordon and how she became Gotham C ity’s fierce protector.


Most of the plot details are kept under wraps. But the movie will see Batgirl facing off against Firefly, played by Brendan Fraser from Doom Patrol. Currently, post-production for Batgirl has begun as filming on the movie ended in April.


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Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Says ‘Batgirl 2 is Already Being Discussed’?

The solo film about Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, was announced first in March 2017, with Joss Whedon tasked with writing and directing the project. Christina Hodson was in that April to write the screenplay, and the Bad Boys for Life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah sign on to direct the film in May 2021 after Whedon left in February 2018.

Hudson has written screenplays for many DC films, including Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in The Flash. Keaton joined the Batgirl cast in December 2021, it was announced. After The Flash’s release date was pushed back to 2023, it’s uncertain if Keaton’s involvement will delay the release of Batgirl on HBO Max. As rumor has it that Batgirl will be set after The Flash.

Will Batgirl 2 Premiere This Year

The bulk of Batgirl is unknown, but co-director Adil El Arbi reports that filming has recently concluded. Despite this being Grace’s first time experiencing comic book movies, she is highly enthusiastic about the release of the film and the future of the genre.

Superhero flicks are mostly expected to have sequels in the future, especially when they are interconnected. Even though Batgirl hasn’t done well on HBO Max

and is still in post-production, the lead actress has already teased that the character will play a role in the DCEU in the future.

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