Avril Lavigne Says ” The Bite Me Tour is magic” and Thanked Fans for Supporting Her

Avril Lavigne took to her Instagram handle to thank her fan for making her tour so wonderful. Therefore she expresses that “The Bite Me Tour is magic”. The singer has given 20 years of life to this amazing arena tour. Of course, she is beyond thankful to her fans for attending her shows. Thus she pours her our with her emotional post on her Instagram. Undoubtedly she is moved by the immense love from her fan. She suggests the time spent on the tour was a most beautiful time for her.

“I feel so incredibly blessed to be on an arena tour 20 years into my career! Thank you for coming to my shows. I am so touched and so moved. The Bite Me Tour is magic. Thank you all so much. I am having the most beautiful time on tour. When I get off stage, I can still hear all of your voices and see all of your smiles.” -She says on Instagram


Avril Lavigne The Bite me Tour

Undoubtedly Avril is loved globally and people across the world join her tour. Recently Avril thanked her fans who show tremendous love in her Bite my tour. Therefore she shared her thankful note on her social media

platform. Her post expresses how her tour was so wholesome. According to her, she had the most beautiful time there.

She further adds even when she used to be off stage, she can see the all love from the audience. Thus her social media post was an ode for all the love she gains from her fans. Moreover, even her followers showered so much love in the comment section. The fans flooded the comment box with love and admiration. Of course, they love her incredible shows.

Avril Lavigne
Image: Avril Lavigne (From: Instagram/avrillavign)

Avril Lavigne has a massive global fanbase. Of course, she tours around the world and her shows are very popular. And you can see in the comment sections that they request her to come to their place. Fans desperately wait for Avril’s tour in their place. Moreover, Avril has a foundation that gets funds from her shows. The foundation supports people suffering from Lyme Disease or other chronic illnesses.

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Who is Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a well-known Canadian singer as well as an actress. She got the project ‘Arista Records’ at the age of 16. There fore she started getting limelight from so young age. Her debut album was ‘Let Go’ in 2002. Besides, it became a best-selling song album. The singer is known for her exceptional singing style namely rock and punk. From her childhood, he inclined to music. Thus Avril used to sing at the church from a very younger age.


Early Life and Career

The sensation singer was born in 1984. Her birthplace is Ontario, Canada. Her parents are very devoted religious people. Therefore from childhood, she used to sing in church choirs. Besides she became well versed in playing guitar during her teenage. And even during their teenage Avril started composing music. After leaving her education, she went to LA. She then gets the project of Arista Records. Undoubtedly it was the turning point in her career.

Avril Lavigne is truly a fashion icon who impresses her fans with her style statement. Besides she is deemed as an incredible punk-pop musician. She had proved herself as a songwriter from ‘The Best Damn Thing’. Recently she makes a social media

post to showcase her gratitude to her fans for her tour.

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