Billy Joel’s London Hyde Park Gig 2023: How to Get Tickets, Dates & Other Details

One of the biggest British music festivals is coming in 2023 Billy Joel’ concert is one of them and fans are thus at the same time very excited. But it looks like this year’s festival is going to be filled with much more amazing and exciting performers. Let us explore this article so to get some insights into the possible 2023 BST Hyde Park.


What is British Summer Time (BST) Hyde Park?

Well, since BST is not very much known just like Super Bowls or Coachella festivals, many people worldwide do not know much about the BST Hyde Park music festival.

It’s basically a music festival that runs over two or three weekends once a year in London’s Hyde Park. It usually takes place from the month of June to July.

When will the 2023 BST Hyde Park be conducted?


As per sources, the music festival might be taking place from July 2023, which has so far excited major BST Hyde Park festival fans.

This music festival aims to run for a straight 10 days.

Billy Joel
Billy Joel (Credit: Getty Images)

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When will the Tickets for Billy Joel c oncert


As per sources, the tickets for the 2023 BST Hyde Park will be out and go on sale on October 6, Thursday at 10 am.

But also the American Express presale tickets will be available from 10 am on September 29, 2023

Also, the artist’s pres-sale and BST pre-sale will then begin on October 3, 2022, and then live pre-sale from October 5, 2022.

How to Get Tickets for Billy Joel concert?

Well, for the fans tickets are very important. Since getting tickets is a very crucial and important step to getting entry into a music concert, sometimes it becomes even more difficult to get tickets on time.

So far you can purchase the BST Hyde Park tickets on the BST official website with Ticketmaster which also becomes a good option to buy tickets.

Billy Joel to perform at BST Hyde Park 2023

Billy Joel announced to perform at the BST Hyde Park 2023 in London, which will be his only European show to take place in the new year.

The American musician and singer will be performing on July 2, 2023, at the BST Hyde Park London event.

While announcing the musician to perform at the festival, the BST Hyde Park’s official website stated “Joel’s songs have acted as personal and cultural touchstones for millions of people across five decades.”


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