BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’ V Dating Rumors Sparks Again After Picture Together

A picture of BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie together has made fans more curious. Their dating rumors have resurfaced.


Past Speculations of Jennie and V

Both K-pop stars are embroiled in dating rumors again. Earlier in May of 2022, a picture of the two went viral.
In the picture, the two are allegedly driving around Jeju Island. Later, the photo got dismissed as merely a photoshop product by the fans of both groups. As per the observation, someone edited an old picture of V and his fellow bandmate J-Hope to make it look like V was with Jennie.

Latest Picture

On August 23, a new photo of BTS’ V and Blackpink’s member Jennie came to light online. In the alleged photo, V gets his hair styled while Jennie is taking a mirror selfie with a big smile. Unlike the last time, no one has successfully pointed out if the picture is fake.

Netizens believe that the picture so taken holds a high possibility to be real and not edited. This has caused the fans to start believing that the pair is potentially dating each other.


The BTS member is wearing an animal print shirt and getting ready for the shoot. While Jennie is standing in the back carrying a lavender shirt and clicking a selfie. This photo has caused crazy havoc on the internet.

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V following Jennie on Instagram?

As many BTS fans have seen, the members-only follow each other on their social handles. In 2021, V created a buzz when he followed Jennie. It didn’t take much time for the fans to start talking about them and their romance.

However, after these rumors made space on the internet, the singer of BTS, V, unfollowed Jennie. Many believed that V must have mistakenly followed Jennie by accidentally clicking follow on Jennie’s profile.
Now, again the rumors are set free with a picture. It seems fans really want the pair to be dating each other.

Is the picture Edited

Some people think it is a fake photoshopped picture made by one of the fans. Others are wishing to have the rumors be true and want to see them as a couple.
One of the users on social media made an observation and said,

“Not a Blackpink or BTS fan but even I can see this is a bad photoshop. Look at her hair and then the hair shadow on the wall. No where near the same Jennie and V may be dating, but this is just an edit”


Some people really wished them well, and asked others to leave the two even if they are dating, a user expressed,

“I won’t be surprised if Jennie and v are actually dating. I mean v “accidentally” followed j on ig for 5 seconds until ARMY went nuts like it was j’s fault lmao. and we shouldn’t really care tbh. they are humans. k-pop idols are not nuns and priests. they need some love too,”

Both the company for the stars haven’t spoken yet, Let’s see whether the two are really dating or not.


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