BTS’ RM, Featured in Balming Tiger’s Music Video SEXY NUKIM

The most popular South Korean band BTS has come with another announcement that will drive you crazy. The BTS member RM has collaborated with a South Korean music collective, Balming Tiger.

Balming Tiger has come up with another music video, Sexy Nukim featuring BTS member RM. BTS first announced this news of collaboration on their official Twitter page on August 24. 


BTS’ RM featured in Sexy Nukim

Another crazy announcement is here from the World’s most popular South Korean band BTS. On August 24, BTS firstly made this announcement. 

It was declared on their official Twitter page that BTS member RM is collaborating with Balming Tiger’s music video sexy Nukim. Balming Tiger is a South Korean Music collective.

Balming Tiger consists of members who direct, record, compose, edit and write the music video. In the new video, other members of Balming Tiger are also featured alongside RM. 

Other than the BTS band, RM has made this individual collaboration. This is considered very clever of him. RM acts as an individual who designs the mind-controlling machine and can make changes as per his wish. 


Sexy Nukim features the RM and talented members of Balming Tiger. The multi-talented members of Balming Tiger describe themselves as a multi-national alternative k-pop group.

They are not so rooted in the industry as they debuted in 2018 with their first single I’m sick.

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BTS’ RM and Balming Tiger’s new single 

BTS members first announced in June that they would be also working on their solo projects instead of focusing on group projects.

In recent times, RM has teased some plans to appear in his solo projects this year. He also shared in April that he has been inviting really interesting and unexpected people to his album. 

In the last month, RM gave an update about his work. RM informed his fans that he was near the end of his work on the Album.  

RM said, “I will probably be the next member after J-Hope to release my solo album. Studio work is like 90 % done.”


Sexy Nukim is the first single from Balming Tiger since 2021. They have finally released this highly awaited single. 

This sensual track was produced by the members of balming tiger, Unsinkable and Leesuho. It talks about standing aloof from the world and showcasing their coolest and sexiest side.

Other than RM, Sexy Nukim features Omega Sapien, Mudd The Student, and bj wjn. All three of them are members of Balming Tiger.


This is the first time Balming Tiger and RM have collaborated with some artists outside their own group.

When it comes to solo this is not the first time RM is doing this. Before this RM has released his two mixtapes. The first was named mono in 2018 and 2nd is RM which was released in 2015.


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