Coldplay UK and Europe 2023: How to Buy Tickets, Ticket Prices, Venue, Dates & Other Details

Coldplay has confirmed a series of new dates for performing in the UK and Europe as a part of their Music of the Spheres World Tour.

The tour will start in mid-May of 2023 and will go on for nearly 2 months. Tickets would be on sale from August 25 online on the band’s official website.


Coldplay has confirmed new dates

As we told you earlier, Coldplay announced the series of new dates on Monday, August 22, 2022, after completing a highly acclaimed 6-night play in Wembley stadium.

This announcement made people enthusiastic. In the next tour, Coldplay will be performing in many countries in Europe including Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

Just because London is not included in the 2023 tour of Coldplay you don’t need to be upset. Because Uk part of the 2023 tour will start with a pair of scheduled dates in the Etihad stadium of Manchester City. The dates are 31 May and 1 June.

These dates are followed by a show at Cardiff’s stadium on June 6.

This 2 month’s world tour of Coldplay is going to be a massive enthusiasm for the rest of the world. 


It is possible that more dates would be added to this scheduled tour. But for now, this is the list of new dates for the next year in Europe and the UK.

List of the Coldplay 2023 tour’s new dates and Venues: 

  • 17 May: Coimbra (Portugal)
  • 24 May: Barcelona (Spain)
  • 25 May: Barcelona, Spain
  • 31 May: Etihad Stadium, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • 1 June: Etihad Stadium, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • 6 June: Cardiff’s, United Kingdom
  • 21 June: Naples, Italy
  • 25 June: Milan, Italy
  • 26 June: Milan, Italy
  • 1 July: Zurich, Switzerland
  • 5 July: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 6 July: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 8 July: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 9 July: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 15 July: Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • 16 July: Amsterdam, Netherlands

How To Buy Tickets

The tickets will go on sale on August 25, 2022, Thursday (10 am). So, now you are free to go and buy tickets. The band confirmed in an announcement that tickets for new dates would go on sale from 25 August.

The tickets for Coldplay 2023 tour are available on the band’s official website. The ticket master has live links for tickets for the pair of dates in Manchester. Tickets for the show at the Cardiff gig are also available through live links.

The details related to ticket prices are not revealed yet. Ticket prices are assumed to be around the last tour’s ticket prices.

These ticket prices began from £27. 2023 Coldplay tour ticket prices are supposed to cost around this range.

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Coldplay’s Major concern is the environment

The last music of the Spheres world tour of Coldplay was in 2017. This time Coldplay’s major concern is the environment. Therefore they aim at cutting emissions by 50 percent.

All of the shows would run on natural energy. As their aim suggests, Solar panels and wind turbines will be set up for generating renewable energy. You can dance on the floor running on kinetic energy.

Coldplay (Credit: Getty Images)

They also declared that one tree will be planted for every single ticket sold. In this way, Coldplay aims at cutting emissions and using super low emission energy.

Coldplay is putting all its efforts into making this tour as sustainable as possible.


Coldplay said in a statement that they know the world is facing an environmental crisis. So that’s why they spent 2 years consulting with environmentalists to make the store as sustainable as possible.

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