Drake and Taylor Swift Dating Rumors After Viral Throwback Photo Debunked

We all know that social media can be a crazy world, especially for celebrities. Recently the sensational rapper Drake has shared a snap of himself with Taylor Swift that has ignited the dating rumors. The picture goes viral in no time with crazy fans speculating about their dating. However, it was quite predictable that this picture will stir a lot of speculation among fans. Drake was previously dating the singer Rihana before they upset their fans with their breakup. Now when the pictures of Drake and Rihana surfaced on the internet, people were too quick to pass the judgment. But the dating rumors are debunked by many sources and it was claimed to be just a casual picture. Besides Taylor Swift is most likely to be dating Joe Alwyn, although they have not made it public.


Story of the viral photo that ignited many assumptions!!

The rumor started after Drake has given a picture of himself hugging Taylor Swift in a cozy manner. It’s a known fact that both singers have millions of fanbases around the world. Paparazzi

often captures the duo at various events that spark their dating rumors.

Hence the picture got much viral and fans got busy speculating on their social media handles. Even earlier there used to be rumors of their dating, and the picture reignited the dating rumors. Fans started believing them as couples without further ado and started making stories about them. It went crazy as fans starts making their assumption fueling the rumor. As both the singer have a huge fanbase, the posts got flooded with comments on their link-ups.

However, fans are just living in a fake paradise as there is a stronger claim that revoked these rumors. Besides fans, there were even some haters who pass negative comments on Taylor Swift suggesting rappers to not date her. And some haters even abused Taylor Swift by calling names and portraying her as a villain.

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Complete misinterpretation of the viral pic!

If you are a fan of the singers, it’s natural to get goosebumps to see your favorite’s cuddling pic. But fans were too quick to make the assumptions and believe it. The true side of the story is quite different from what fans must know to get a reality check. Actually, Drake posted the picture of both on his official handle that was actually not exclusive but old pictures.


However, fans assume that Drake has posted the snaps exclusively to surprise their fans. Apart from that many creatives have also garnered a lot of attention by making gossip stories. It’s hilarious that the entire buzz was the result of a throwback picture.

Sorry! No romantic angle between Taylor Swift and Drake!

You may get thrilled to know something is brewing between the singers, but it’s completely a misinterpretation. Many people also speculate that they are bringing something big with their collaboration. They may share a great bond but let rest the rumor of their dating as it is not true. Taylor Swift is having a happy space with her rumored boyfriend Joe Alwyn.


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