Former GFRIEND Member Yerin Will Be Making A Solo Debut in May

Yerin, a former GFriend member, will make her solo debut in May, according to media reports on April 15. The reports state that Yerin plans to release her solo debut album around mid-May. It will signify Yerin’s first music release since signing with her new label, Sublime Artist Agency. Her debut agency, Source Music, parted ways with Yerin in May 2021. Yerin joined GFriend in 2015. After entering Sublime Artist Agency in June of the same year, she greeted viewers through her YouTube channel, appearances on variety shows, etc.


Former GFRIEND Member Yerin Solo Debut

On April 15 Yerin is planning to make her solo debut in May. “Yerin is preparing a solo album to release mid-May,” said a representative of Sublime Artist Agency (SAA). Yerin has been working on her debut band album throughout the past few years, but this will be her first solo album under SAA.


In 2015, Yerin debuted with GFRIEND as a member of the group. After all the members of GFRIEND decided not to renew their contracts, the group parted ways with their agency, Source Music, in May of 2021. The members then shared handwritten letters verifying that GFRIEND was no longer together.

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GFRIEND Member Yerin Bio

Year in is a South Korean singer who goes by Jung Ye-rin. On January 16, 2015, she made her debut as one of GFriend’s dancers and vocalists as a group member. Her older brother was born in 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. Before going to Source Music, she studied at Fantagio.

Before she graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul in February 2015 and is currently studying at Source Music. Apparently, she is the first member of GFriend to sign onto a new agency after signing an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency on June 17.

Former GFRIEND Member Yerin
Image: Jung Ye-rin

GFRIEND Member Yerin Career

GFriend’s first extended play, the season of Glass, marked Yerin’s official debut with the band. Also, In the film Midnight’s Girl, she played a supporting role. The video was for M&D’s “I Wish” music video, starring Super Junior Heechul and TRAX Jungmo.


Yerin became a new MC for the SBS MTV music show The Show. Also, the artist feature the song “Future Boyfriend” on October 17, 2016, and was performed with El Camino.

Her 2017 single “Spring Again” was a collaboration with Cao Lu and Kisum. Later that year, Yerin appeared in the Law of the Jungle series, an SBS reality-documentary show featuring several Komodo episodes. In June 2021, Yerin was announced as a solo artist and actress with Sublime Artist Agency. The debut of Yerin’s solo career is scheduled for May of 2022.


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