GINA Album by Amerado is Releasing on 25th This Month. English Footballer, Shaun Wright-Philips supports him

Amerado, the famous Ghanaian rapper is all set to release his new album God Is Never Asleep (GINA). It will be out on 25th October which also happens to be the birthday of Shaun Wright-Philips. The English Footballer also supported the “Younger K.A”.


Who is Shaun Wright-Philips?

Shaun Wright-Philips, who was born on 25 October 1981 in Greenwich, England is a former professional football player. He has played in various games like Major League Soccer for the New York Red Bulls, the United Soccer League for the New York Red Bulls II.

Not only that, he has also played in Phoenix Rising FC and at the senior international level for the England national team.

From 1995 to 2005, he played for Manchester City. After that, he played for Chelsea FC for around three years. He joined the England National team on 2004 and played for the team till 2010. He also got selected in 2010 FIFA World Cup as a result for his outstanding performance.


Shaun Wright-Philips endorses Amerado’ album

Amerado posted a video on Twitter in which Shaun Cameron Wright-Phillips, Former Chelsea winger was seen supporting him. He was calling out to his fans and was telling them to support his album.

“This is what the legend Shaun Wright-Philips (@swp29 ) got to say about the #GinaAlbum Dropping on 25-October-2022”, Burner wrote on his Twitter post.

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More about GINA

Amerado, in a recent interview with Delay, revealed that his already-released song “Grace” is also going to be part of this album. Also, the rapper disclosed its features with artists S1mba, Laioung, Efya, Eno Barony, Epixode, and others.

Coincidently, the day on which GINA comes out is also the birthday of a Former Manchester City, Chelsea, and Queens Park Rangers player. It is yet unknown whether Amerado deliberately decided to release GINA on 25 October or not.

Fans Pressurise Amerado to Change the Date

Some people forced the famous singer for changing the date of the release. Apparently, it was because of the “choked system” and that the works of his colleagues will still the shine from his album.

But, Amerado denied all the request of the postponement of his maiden studio album. Furthermore, he said that there is room for everyone to shine in this industry.

He took to his Instagram account and wrote, “Some say, “Change the date” and I say why can’t we all win ? Yes my God Is Never Asleep (GINA). E go over them”.


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