How Did Coolio Die? An American Rapper Died Aged 59, Confirmed by His Manager

American rapper Coolio has died, creating enormous grief among his fans and his contemporaries. Well, everyone over the internet is currently looking at the reasons for his death. Let us explore this article so to explore what happened with the rapper and what led to his death.


American Rapper Coolio Died at the age of 59

American Rapper Coolio died at the age of 59 and fans are very much sad and grief over the fact that the famous rapper died at the age of 59.

The news came from the rapper’s manager Jarez Posey who basically confirmed that the rapper died when he was at his friend’s house.

The manager with that also confirmed that the rapper was at his friend’s house and as per sources, he was in his bathroom, where he had a heart attack.

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How did Coolio Die?

Well as per the rapper’s manager Jarez Posey, the American rapper had a heart attack when he was at his friend’s house. It is also stated that he had a heart attack in a friend’s bathroom.

As stated by Posey his manager “As far as what I know now is that he was at a friend’s house and was in his bathroom and had a heart attack,”

The Los Angeles police department also responded to the house where the rapper died at 4 pm for a death investigation, but the department stated that they would not confirm the identity of the person who expired.

Coolio (Credit: Getty Images)

Who was Coolio, the American Rapper?

Well, for those of you who do not know about Coolio, he was an American Rapper. His real name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr.

The Rapper achieved mainstream success in the rapping industry. He became well-known in the industry after his 1995 Grammy Award-winning hit single “Gangsta Paradise” as well as other singles “Fantastic Voyage” in 1994 and various others that won the Grammys.

The Rapper not only created a wide name for herself in the rapping industry, but he also created a web series titled Cookin with Coolio and thereafter released a Cookbook.


How did Coolio make out in the Rapping Industry?

Born in South Central Los Angeles, United States, Coolio will always be remembered as one of the big names in the rapping industry.

As a child, he was quite intelligent and a bookworm also, the rapper at just the age of 17 also went to jail, but after admitting to college after high school, his interest in rapping doubled, due to which he started performing on stage with also launching his rap radio station “KDAY” and his first rap singles “Whatcha Gonna Do”.

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