J Hope Girlfriend 2022: Is The BTS Star Dating Irene Kim

BTS members have never dated anyone publicly. In 2022, the rumors of BTS Star J-Hope and model Irene Kim started to surface.


When did People Notice?

A user with name Nate Pann, created an online forum to create a post titled “What exactly is the relationship between J-Hope and Irene?” This made fans also notice the frequent visit of Korean celebrities.
Many responded to the post, there were many replies such as,

“I think it’s because she follows him around too much. She’s also a celebrity but why is she like this?”
“Is she following him around because she’s really his girlfriend?”

Earlier, in Chicago, Irene was spotted cheering for J-Hope alongside Jimin.

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J-Hope and Irene Kim are dating?

Where J-Hope made people love him more for his Lollapalooza performance in Chicago, he has also made headlines for his dating life. Netizens seem to be convinced both of them are in a relationship.
Irene‘s picture with J-Hope on her social media went viral. She promoted J-Hope’s new music,

” He is our HOPE and a world-class human inside & out.”

She also visited Kaws with J”-Hope and another acquaintance. Hoseok also shared a few pictures with Irene Kim and the same acquaintance.


However, someone mentioned on Twitter about Irene’s boyfriend and revealed why Kim was in Chicago.

“She has a boyfriend, he worked with Hoseok and he is in Chicago too, please leave her alone and write some nice comments…”

J Hope
J Hope and Irene Kim (Credit: Instagram/ireneisgood)

ARMYs, the BTS fans, came up to social media in support of Jung Hoseok. They said that the BTS members can hang out with anyone, regardless of gender. And it is not necessary to make every friendly hangout a discussion of the celebrity’s romantic relationship.

“Knets do this every time they see one of BTS members with a woman! can’t they be a friend? Leave them alone”, one of the ARMYs tweeted.

With the last tweets and pictures from Jung Hoseok, we believe both of them share a simple friendship. They may not be dating. However, it will only be cleared when Jung Hoseok talks about it.

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Will Fans get Mad if J Hope and Irene Kim Dating?

There are various kinds of people, some will criticise and troll BTS members and their partners for dating, and some will support them. As observed by the recent case, trolls took time to post humiliating comments about Irene.

But also, many of ARMYs agree that if J-Hope and Irene had been in a romantic relationship. there were not answerable to anyone. This is solely the personal matter of the rapper.

Fact about Jung Hoseok

He is named the highest ticket-selling artist in the concert Lollapalooza. Though it is not a surprise, the BTS as a group has a large following, with time Jung Hoseok as a solo artist gained a personal following.

J-Hope was the first member to release a solo in 2016. His first solo “Jack in the Box” collected mass appreciation. His mixtape in 2018 collected love from the listeners equally.
He is a rapper, songwriter, amazing dancer, and record producer. With his determination, he successfully grew his net worth. His estimated net worth is around $20 million.

J Hope

Irene Kim

She is an American-born Korean-American model, blogger and television personality. After working with brands like Calvin Klein, she is now a Chanel brand ambassador. Her net worth is around $1.2 million.

J Hope

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