Janet Jackson’s New Song ‘Luv I Luv’ on ‘Janet’ Documentary is Trending

“Luv I Luv”, the new song from Janet, has become a part of the documentary of Janet Jackson. Janet, the documentary released on A&E and Lifetime, marked the presence of this brand-new song.

In the course of the last episode of the project, Janet Jackson introduced “Luv I Luv” which attracted the audience or fans into the world of the prominently exclusive pop icon. You can also grab the snippet by watching the complete episode if you have an account on Lie TV + Hulu.

On Saturday night (29 January) the final two parts of Jackson debuted. And formerly in the day, A&E teased the opening of Janet’s brand new song on social media. On Friday, they release the first episode was yesterday.

Luv I Luv

Janet permitted complete permission on never-before-seen house videos and authentic footage for the documentary, which includes her career and life from childhood through popularity.

Formerly in the first episode, Janet Jackson demonstrated why she choose to let a movie team pursue her around now.


Janet Jackson said, “It’s just something that needs to be done,” “It’s never … You’ve had someone write this unauthorized biography or someone else does something. Or they’ll do a movie and it’s candy-coated.”


Trending on Billboard

During the final part of the documentary, at the age of 50, Janet Jackson rushed over to give birth to her son, Eissa, and remind her of getting enlisted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Janet Jackson also disclosed her adoring discussion with Michael Jackson, her brother. At the age of 50, Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009, and eventually on 27 June 2018 at the age of 89 his father died.

Look through Billboard disintegration of all the crucial moments from the series first section here. Also, you can listen to a mini clip of “Luv I Luv” played during the credits through the medium of a fan and audience tweet below.

Janet Jackson

Fans reaction to Janet Jackson documentary

Fans made use of the hashtag #JanetJacksonDoc on Twitter. By doing this they are expressing their reactions and views on the first part of ‘Janet Jackson’s definitive story.’

“Hope u guys ENJOY 2nite,” Janet Jackson tweeted ahead of the opening or premier. “Luv u so much #janetjacksondoc.”
Skillful black creatives, blkcreatives, a chain of talented and smart introduced a Twitter Watch Party and appealed to fans to join in the watch party.


“The documentary event of a LIFETIME is here + we’re honored to host the Twitter Watch Party for THE @JanetJackson’s #JanetJacksonDoc! Join #blkcreatives for the two-night premiere TONIGHT on @LifetimeTV – we’re live-tweeting AND hosting a Twitter Spaces to celebrate! @AETV,” the account announced Friday (Jan. 28).

For those people who don’t have a cable network to watch Janet’s documentary on, the account shared a link for people those people also.


“Janet Jackson & Paula Abdul are such an iconic duo! Other Twitter users tweeted.

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