Lizzo was Proposed by JiDion Mid Concert and Made Her Laugh

Lizzo was proposed to by JiDion mid-concert which made her laugh. JiDion really, really likes Lizzo and he has made it clear to everyone. After months of trying, he was finally able to meet her on Instagram Live back in August. JiDion and the flutist had a brief conversation where JiDion expressed his love for her and his desire to meet her in person.

It was a special moment for both of them, and they will never forget it. Lizzo is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and flutist whose music focuses on body positivity and self-love. She is also known for her funny and relatable personality. JiDion is a fan of hers who decided to take a chance and propose to her during one of her concerts. Thankfully, Lizzo found the whole situation amusing and said yes!


Who is Lizzo?

Lizzo is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from Minnesota.

She first gained attention with her 2013 single “Boss” from her album Lizzobangers

And has since released two more albums, Big Grrrl Small World (2016) and Cuz I Love You (2019).


She has been nominated for several awards, including eight Grammy Awards,

And won three American Music Awards, a BET Award, and a Billboard Music Award.

Lizzo (Credit: Getty Images)

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Who is JiDion?

Who is JiDion?JiDion is a popular American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is best known for her hits “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell”.

JiDion surprised Lizzo during her performance by proposing to her with a Ring Pop.

In October 2022, he will have the chance to attend a concert with front-row seats by the stage by Lizzo.

In true Deadpool style, JiDion brought along a Ring Pop and popped the question to the star right as she came out to greet her fans.

At first, she appeared to be confused, but it soon became apparent that she remembered her interaction with the YouTuber and couldn’t help but laugh.

JiDion didn’t respond to the request that he made and instead went on with the show as if nothing had happened.

However, JiDion wasn’t able to have a positive night all the way through;

JiDion was kicked out of the venue by security for an unknown reason.

What Made Her Laugh?

On May 9, during a show in Seattle, American rapper and singer Lizzo was proposed to by her boyfriend, Justin Warren aka JiDion. The couple had been dating for over a year before the proposal. In a video of the proposal, which was posted on Twitter by a fan.


JiDion can be seen getting down on one knee and presenting a ring to Lizzo,

who is visibly surprised and amused by the gesture. Lizzo laughed and hugged JiDion after he proposed, and the couple was met with cheers from the crowd. After the proposal, Lizzo took to Twitter to share her happiness, writing, “Best day ever. I’m so happy.”

It’s clear that Lizzo was caught completely off-guard by JiDion’s proposal, but she clearly found the whole situation very amusing. It’s great to see that the couple is so happy together,


and we wish them all the best in the future!

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