Loretta Lynn’s Death: How Did The Singer Die? Her Career, Husband, Children

Loretta’s family recently took to Twitter to announce the death of the popular singer Loretta Lynn. She died on Tuesday at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, at the age of 90 through natural cause.


Who was Loretta Lynn?

Loretta Lynn, born in April 14, was a talented country music singer and songwriter. Most of her songs revolve around the idea of feminism and what it means to be a woman.

For instance, in “The pill”, she talked about how birth control pills gave women the sexual freedom that they always wanted. Meanwhile, in “Rated X”, the topic was the lack of fairness in men-women relationships.

In a deeply man-dominated society at the time, she made a mark for herself by writing and singing powerful songs such as Fist City’, ‘Don’t Come Home a ‘Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ on Your Mind)’, ‘You Ain’t Woman Enough (to Take My Man)’.

Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn (Credit: AP)

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Career and Personal Life of Loretta Lynn

When Loretta Webb was 15, she married a 23-year-old man, Oliver Lynn and gave birth to four children by the time she turned 18. Her dreams were slowly starting to come true, when Oliver bought her a guiter.

When she was in the process of teaching herself, she started recording her songs and performing at various radio stations. She then went on to start her own band with her brother called, “Loretta and the Trailblazers”. However, she got a big break when she recorded her first official self-written song, “I’m a Honky-Tonk Girl”.

Loretta was the first woman to win the “Entertainer of the Year” of Country Music Association honor. Apart from that, she has won three Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, eight Broadcast Music Incorporated awards, 13 Academy of Country Music, etc.

Relationship with her husband

She explained in an interview about how caring and supporting Oliver had been and that he always thought that Loretta was extremely special. But, the couple’s relationship was no bed of roses and full of up and downs. Oliver constantly cheated on her, was an alcoholic and they were mutually violent towards each other. Meanwhile, Loretta was a serious drug abuser back then.


However, they stayed married until 1996, when Oliver passed away due to congestive heart failure.

Loretta Lynn’ Children

Loretta was a mother of six children, five of whom (Betty, Cissie, Ernest, Peggy, and Patsy) expanded her legacy in music and one (Jack) was a rancher.

Jack died while trying to cross the duck river when he was only 34. Meanwhile, in 2013, Loretta’s eldest daughter Betty died when she was 64.


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