Mac DeMarco’s 2012 Freaking Out The Neighborhood Meaning Explored as Backstory Revealed

Recently, the meaning behind the classic 2012 song, “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” started doing the rounds on TikTok. Apparently, the singer Mac DeMarco dedicated this song to his mother.


How popular is “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” ?

The Canadian singer songwriter released this song on 2012. It was also a part of an album called “2”. This song has been one of the most famous songs by the singer. More than 10 years have nearly passed and it’s still relevant today, thereby giving it a “classic” status.

The song is presently Mac DeMarco’s fourth most streamed music on Spotify. Apart from that, it also has more than 185 million streams. Besides this, the song has found its way to TikTok where more than 11,000 videos has been made using the audio for this song.

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Meaning behind “Freaking Out The Neighborhood”


Many fans on the popular video sharing app started speculating about the backstory of the song. Some even went as far as to say that this song was an apology to his mom.

This theory can be confirmed by checking out the lyrics for the same. Because, one of the opening lines of “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” is “Sorry, mama”. Furthermore, the lyrics read, “And I know it’s no fun, When your first son, Gets up to no good, Starts freaking out the neighborhood”.

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Mac DeMarco’s reaction regarding the song

The singer told everyone about the backstory surrounding the song in his interview with “Time Out“. In that interview, he told that he was indeed apologizing for his unprofessional behaviour in some concert. That incident became viral on YouTube much to the dismay of the artist.

Ask him whether he was apologizing for something or not, he simply said, “I am. That’s about the family. A lot of songs are about the family on the album”.

Freaking Out The Neighborhood
Mac DeMarco (Credit: Getty Images)

“I did a karaoke set in Montreal last spring, and I ended up getting really, really drunk. All my clothes came off, beer got poured over me, percussive instrument tools found their way into my butt and my friend took a video of the thing”, he said reminiscing the occasion.


He further added, “I thought it’d be funny, but it goes on YouTube and my aunt sees it, and my whole family. And they were not too pleased. My mom was like, “Mac—what’s going on?” My aunt freaked out and thought I was smoking bath salts”.

“I didn’t present some song to say, look, I’m sorry… it was all clear before. They understand that I’m just a bit of a goof. But I thought it’d be a fun thing to write a song about, so I did”, the singer concluded.

Mac’s overall thoughts

According to Mac, the song wasn’t exactly written as an apology to his mother. However, he sang this song to extend a hand of understanding and empathy towards his mother. He also said that he could feel the second hand embarrassment that his mother felt during that time.


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