Morrissey’s north America Tour 2022: How to Get Tickets? Prices, Venues & Details

If you are a fan of Smith frontman Morrissey from the US, it’s a great opportunity for you to catch him around the US and UK. Morrissey has a series of live performances scheduled on his tour of North America.

If you want to catch him at one of his live performances, you might want to know about pre-booked tickets, prices, venues, and other details of the tour. We are here with everything we can help with. 


Morrissey’ North America Tour 2022

Morrissey, 63 has a number of live performances consecutively in the UK. The star will be performing in the UK throughout the end of September month and October 2022. 

If you really want to see him performing live, you need to know the presale ticket information. Also, we will tell the dates of his live performances in the UK.

Uk is going to sing with Morrissey as the singer will be performing in a number of cities in the United Kingdom from black pool to Brighton. During the tour of the country, he will also perform in his home city of Manchester.  


After performing on the Uk Dates, the famous singer will be heading to his ‘Evening with the Morrissey’ tour. It will commence on November 11 and close on December 4 with the last performance at MGM Hallway at Fenway in Boston.

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Morrissey will per form in these cities on the following dates:

  • 14th November – El Cajon, CA
  • 15th November – El Cajon, CA
  • 18th November – Oakland, CA
  • 22nd November – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 23rd November – Denver, CO
  • 25th November – Minneapolis 
  • 26th November – Milwaukee, WI
  • 28th November – Washington, DC
  • 30th November – Brooklyn, NY
  • 1st December – Newark, NJ
  • 4th December – Boston, MA

How to Get Tickets? Prices, venues and other details

The presale tickets for attending the live performances of Morrissey will go on sale from Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at Ioam PDT. These are for tickets sold through Ticketmaster. Other pre-sales will be coming a day later.

In the case of ticket master’s presales, the customers would need a code to access the tickets. The website has not confirmed it yet but there are several reports on Twitter saying that the code is MOZ.

Morrissey (Credit: Getty Images)

Venues confirmed presale codes for Morrissey

You don’t need to panic if you missed out on Ticketmaster’s presale because presales tickets for individual venues will be made available on September 15, Thursday. 

If you are looking forward to catching Morrissey in The Fillmore, you can access the presales on Thursday with the code VENUE. You can also access presales for Magnolia in CA. 

It is confirmed by Radio station X96 that the code to access the presale for Salt Lake City show at the Union Event Center is VERONICA.

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