Saweetie Called Out a Handsome Fan in The Middle of Show at Rolling Loud

The American rapper, Saweetie is in the headlines for another reason apart from her stellar performance at Rolling Loud. She had an interesting interaction with a handsome fan at the Rolling Loud Miami. And later she posted a video of hers in a car with the caption, wya? (Where you at). And clearly, fans are linking both the incidents as Saweetie is totally single.


Started with a bang

Rolling Loud, the grand hip-hop festival started with a bang on Friday 22, 2022. The 2-days-long festival is being organized at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Around 80,000 fans have gathered to enjoy their favorite stars performing on 5 different stages, a new addition this year. The scorching hot weather of Miami did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of rap fans. The audience is very excited to witness the non-stop performances from the biggest Hip-Hop celebs.

Sweetie at Rolling Loud (Credit: ASLESHA KUMAR/STAFF)

The stars with commendable performances from day one are Fivio Foreign, Playboi Carti, Lil Durk, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Saweetie. However, aside from her lightning performance, she has been trending for another reason. Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, aka Saweetie, performed her hit songs “Best Friend” and “My Type.” She also presented a brand new song for her fans which has not been released yet. She announced that her track “Don’t Say Nothin” is going to launch soon.


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Saweetie was hitting on a Handsome Fan

In between her performance, the California native stopped to converse with the crowd. She was looking at it and it looked like she locked her eyes with a beautiful male fan of hers. What happened next was a dream come true for any fan. She called him in front to get his name. He was a very tall, attractive man, clad in a white sleeveless vest and had an amazing hairstyle. His name was Will as he told the rapper. She then asked him, if he has heard her verse on Mozzy’s track “In My Face” She chatted with him for a few minutes. The conversation wasn’t much clear but it looked like she was clearly hitting on him. The lyrics which she asked about are provocative, So, it solidifies the assumption.

The fan was Just her type

While the guy was having the time of his life, his friends and the fans around him started chanting, “Will go Well! Will go Well!” And from the video, it seems that Will quite enjoyed his conversation with Saweetie. The guy himself and Saweetie were smiling the whole time. And then it was heard from the mic that Saweetie was holding, someone saying it is exactly her type. It is not clear who said it l, Saweetie herself or her crewmembers present there.


Since then, the video is doing rounds on Instagram and Twitter and fans have interesting comments to make. Some fans are wishing and moaning, it should have been them and not Will interacting with Saweetie. While some fans are joking if they were in the place of that guy, they would have jumped on stage. A user joked on Twitter, “the guy should have pole-vaulted on stage.” Will certainly wouldn’t have expected to be famous overnight while buying the tickets for the music fest.


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