SEVENTEEN’s BE THE SUN Concert: The K-Pop Artists Jungkook, Baekho, And Who Else Attended It?

On June 26th Seventeen performed for the 2nd night for their BE THE SUN concert. SEVENTEEN’s BE THE SUN appears that the Seventeen members had invited many of their celebrity friends to attend including Jungkook and Baekho. Who else did they invite and did they show up? Read on to find out.


Idol Interactions

In the recent years of the Kpop industry, interactions between idols have been scarce, to say the least. Attributed to a number of reasons of course, like the pandemic, Idols’ busy schedules, fabrication of news, etc. However, Seventeen’s recent concert seems to have brought back wholesome interactions considering half the industry ended up in attendance. Some of the biggest K-pop names attended.

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The Celebrities in Attendance

Delighted fans took to Twitter to tweet about their favorites in the audience. These idols were, BTS Jungkook, NCT, Monsta X, Enhypen, Nuest, SNSD Taeyeon, and Shinee Key. Not to mention actor Lee Soohyuk and dancer/choreographer Honey J attended as well. This attendance lineup has been gaining a lot of attention. Videos and photographs of idols with Seventeen or in the audience enjoying are circulating.

Seventeen members Hoshi and Seungkwan have time and again professed their love for Shinee’s Key and SNSD’s Taeyeon. Inviting them to their concert and having them attend is probably a big fanboy moment for the two.

Seventeen member Minghao on the other hand took pictures with BTS’s Jungkook and NCT’s China line. He thanked them for attending. Several of the NCT members posted the same pictures on their Instagram feed. While Jungkook, Lee Soohyuk, and Monsta X’s Hyungwon shared concert videos on their stories. Enhypen’s Jake Nik-ki and Sunghoon posted selfies of themselves at the venue.



No doubt the Seventeen’s hype and flawless performances at Gocheok Sky Dome made for an unforgettable event. The show’s track list included many of the group’s hit songs. “Rock With You”, “2 Minus 1”, “Moonwalker”, “GAM3 BO1”, “Back It Up”, “Mansae”, “Very Nice”, “Shadow”, and “Crush” among others. And who can forget the highlight of of the event, the never-ending “AJU NICE” encore for the fans.


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