The Howling’s FINALE Round: Gaku’s Elimination in &AUDITION Left Fans in Tears

Gaku recently got eliminated in the finale of &AUDITION. The Japanese trainee lost his chance to secure his position in the global Japanese boyband ‘The Howling’ by HYBE Labels.


&AUDITION- The Howling, a Japanese-Korean reality TV show

Japan’s HYBE Labels is undergoing a recruitment process right now to make a global J-pop boy band. The band that we are talking about here goes by the name ‘The Howling’. Right now it has four full-time permanent members.

Until this July, fans all around the world had full-time access to the BTS (behind-the-scenes) clips of all the eleven ‘to-be’ band members. They were battling it out to secure their position as a permanent member of The Howling. Prior to the initiation of the series, the young boys even released a single flaunting their talents.

The official members of The Howling were all picked as a follow-up of their efforts in the I-LAND, a 2020 boyband survival show. The ‘now’ members of the group include K, Nicholas, EJ, and Taki. Surprisingly, none of them were the winning contestants of I-LAND, but they did just enough to impress HYBE Labels.

One of the members, K, could make it to the finals. Whereas, Taki was eliminated in the second part of the show. EJ and Nicholas stayed till part one only. To complete these members, in total there were eleven contestants who carried out a series of performances, challenges, and auditions to make it to HYBE Labels’ boyband debut. Those eleven auditionees include Fuma, Hayate, Junwon, Yuma, Gaku, Jo, Hikaru, Harua, Maki, Minhyung, and Yejun. After Final 5 members are there K, Nicholas, Euijoo, Taki, Jo, Harua, Maki, Yuma and Fuma. The first-ever boy group of HYBE LABEL’S JAPAN.

The Howling's FINALE
The Howling’s FINALE

&AUDITION boys and The Howling also released a new track ‘The Final Countdown’ on 27th June, reaching 1.8 million+ views on YouTube.

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Elimination of Gaku in the finale- fans reacted

Gaku is a Japanese trainee, who recently got eliminated in the finale, and participated in &AUDITION to secure his position in the global Japanese boyband ‘The Howling’ by HYBE Labels. According to the recent results released by the &AUDITION, Gaku has been eliminated from the show, just when he reached the finals.

Fans were very upset hearing the update and stormed on Twitter showing their support for the 2004-born Gaku. The one word which described him is ‘honest’, according to the fans. He mentioned that his energy levels used to increase throughout the day when he danced.

If we go by some of his fans on Twitter, he was “literally robbed” of his debut. Also, he was “supposed to debut in this group”, a user wrote. He was quite loved by the audience, and they “can’t accept the fact that Gaku wasn’t included in the final lineup–“.


The fans on Twitter are seen blaming and bashing HYBE Labels for disposing of Gaku from the group. A user wrote, “HYBE what were you thinking when you chose not to debut Gaku? This doesn’t make sense”.

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