Travis Scott Faces New Lawsuit about Alleged Stampede at Rolling Loud 2019

Despite his best efforts, Travis Scott has found himself in yet another legal dispute. This time, a concertgoer at Rolling Loud Miami has filed a complaint against him, claiming that the event in May 2019 left her with significant injuries. The American rapper is being accused of being the one who cause the stampede that occurred in 2019. At Rolling Loud in Miami by flagrantly defying the orders made by the authorities to halt the “hazardous” and “uncontrollable” performance. To know about the details of Travis Scott Faces New Lawsuit stay tuned.


Travis Scott Faces New Lawsuit

According to a source, Scott was a defendant in an existing case filed against Rolling Loud’s organizers in the year 2020 by the lady. In the middle of the hundreds of legal claims pending from the fatal Astroworld event. For this Scott is being sued.

The article states, “Despite Travis Scott’s awareness of, and seeing, concertgoers who were in injury. Suffocating, losing consciousness, fighting, and being trampled, he continued performing while authorities tried to render aid.”


As a result of the new allegations, Travis’s representative called them a “blatant. Cynical attempt to attack Travis” by misrepresenting an incident three years ago. Also, they claimed that the stampede at Rolling Loud was by a false report of an active shooter. Which triggered panic among the crowd.

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Travis Scott’s New Lawsuit at Rolling Loud 2019

According to Billboard

, Scott was a defendant in an ongoing lawsuit by the lady in 2020 against the organizers of Rolling Loud. In the middle of the hundreds of legal claims pending from the fatal Astroworld event.
Travis Scott Faces New Lawsuit
Image: Travis Scott(Credit: Getty Images)

When the cops arrived backstage after Scott started his act and asked the rapper to stop performing. But he reportedly rejected their request and continued his show anyway. Despite the authorities telling him to discontinue his continuous incitement of the crowd. Travis Scott proceeded to vocally and physically instigate the audience to participate in a mosh pit and other dangerous actions. Also, the attorneys said for Love’s client stated in their memo.


Also, the complaint stipulates that this incident involved a false report of a shooting mid-show. Which has nothing to do with Travis’s performance. Also, it is cheap opportunism based on a blatant lie that can be out very quickly. And it is particularly telling that the plaintiff’s lawyer did not mention Travis when he initially filed the complaint on behalf of his client. Or in four prior versions of the lawsuit,” Scott’s legal representative said.

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